Tamasha and Mathew

How We Met

We met through Facebook. Monday, May 5th, 2014, I woke up from a nap that afternoon (long weekend: Skills USA, prom and studying.) I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed a girl who I went to school with posted a photo of an older man with tattoos who was about 50 years old and Mathew had commented on it saying “That will be me when I am older.” So I clicked on his profile (not knowing him at all) and saw his profile picture. I literally thought and still do every day that he is the most handsome man alive with the most beautiful blue eyes. Then I sent him a friend request kind of chancing it, not knowing if he would accept it because I was some random girl requesting to be friends. Within 5 minutes he accepted my friend request. I posted a status “Anyone wanna be my MCM?” and he liked it, so I chose him.


Again within 5 minutes he messaged me and we started talking. Probably about 30 minutes into talking, we made plans to hangout that night because he was going on a cruise to Sagamore Bridge with all his friends and his truck had a open seat. So obviously I got ready within an hour. I asked him if he was on his way because it was two hours later when he said he was on his way. Instantly I thought I was going to be stood up. When he showed up to my house it sounded like a plane landed. There was 8 cars in front of my house. He came out of his friends car (300c in the photo) and told me that he was doing a burnout on the highway and blew up the rear end of his truck so he jumped in his friends car to come get me! So we drove to Sagamore Bridge and sat at Market Basket parking lot with his friends while they did donuts, took pictures of their cars while we talked some more to get to know each other. Our first kiss was there and still wouldn’t ask for it any other way. So when the night ended, Mathew asked me what I was doing the next day and I said snarkily “I’m not really looking for anything temporary. Also I’m not gonna fool around with someone who I am not dating.” Which lead him to say instantly, “I’m glad you aren’t single. Because you are my girlfriend.” We have been together since that day.

How He Asked


So Mathew has been in the army for almost 4 years and with that being said, deployment was bound to happen. Which we currently are enduring. Mathew was able to come home for Thanksgiving leave for 4 days from deployment. We planned to spend those 4 days wisely which we did with our families. November 25th is the day he came home at 12:50 am. Before heading up to Logan Airport in Boston which is 45 minute drive from us with no traffic (rare) I was getting ready. His mom was helping me. I was going to wear just comfy clothing because it was 12:50 am when we were going to get him and she said “No. Wear something cute, let me do your hair and makeup.” I didn’t think anything of it so I let her.” We even made signs (as you can see in the video) but she didn’t make hers with mine. Mine had said “Miss me, miss me now you gotta kiss me. Welcome home babe! While hers said “SAY YES” with a big heart that I didn’t see until after he proposed.

We showed up to the airport and it felt like it took forever to find him. His mom went up to him first and hugged him which she then gave him the ring turns out because he ordered it and she picked it up at the store. Finally he came over to me. We instantly hugged and kissed. All his battle buddies, his mom, father and step father were there. People had their phones out and I thought people were just recorded our reunion so I awkwardly put my arms on my hips. Right then, he said “Tamasha, I have a question for you. Will you marry me?” I didn’t even respond. I shook my head in a yes motion and cried happy tears while also giggling nervously. About 30 seconds after being awkward I finally got the word yes out. Luckily this was all on camera because it was such a blur because I was so in shock.


Our Video

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