Samantha and Matt

How We Met

Matt and Samantha met at Joe’s Bar in Champaign, IL about 5 years ago. It was syllabus week and one of our mutual friends introduced us. After that we would ran into each other around campus a few times and even had back to back classes in the same room where we’d both make an effort to run into each other. We eventually started seeing each other more & then started dating and had a standing Friday morning date at the Cracked Food Truck on the engineering quad! <3

How He Asked

Matt has known he was going to propose to Sam for quite some time now but wasn’t sure how he was going to do it and successfully take her by surprise. With Sam being quite intuitive and somehow always finding out secrets, Matt knew that he had to do something completely out of the norm. A couple of weeks prior, Sam’s mom called Matt and let him know that Sam was planning a surprise birthday party for him. Although she technically ruined his birthday surprise, Sam’s mother and Matt came up with the perfect plan… he would turn the surprise around and propose to her!

With no idea what was coming, Sam was anxious to get Matt to his “birthday party”. She texted her friends who were there waiting letting them know they were fifteen minutes, then ten minutes then only five minutes away! Everyone waited anxiously with excitement as majority of guests had figured out what was actually going to happen.

As they arrived, everyone yelled surprise and Sam led Matt into “his party”. When he paused, she looked back confused as to why he wasn’t approaching their friends and family.

As she turned around to him, Matt got down on one knee and proposed. Everyone in the bar… friends, family, strangers clapped and exclaimed joy as she said yes.

Where to Propose in Lottie's Pub

Special Thanks

Ebby Lowry
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