Samantha and Cameron

Proposal Ideas Fort Ward Park, Washington

How We Met

Cam and I met at Virginia Tech through Tinder in 2015. Yes. We met online. I was deciding what I really wanted to do after college, and he was looking for a date to take to Navy Ball.

I had posted up some ridiculous picture that listed numbers for random people to pick, and depending on their number, they would be given a question to answer. By the time Cam messaged me, I was regretting putting up that post and having to dish out so many questions.

Thinking back, I don’t remember how Cam exactly asked me out from Tinder, but a few days later we were messaging on Facebook making plans to have breakfast together. It probably was the fact that he told me he had waited all summer to message me, and ask me out, rather than talk all summer and take the chance of never meeting each other.

Fast forward to November and we are posing for photos at Navy Ball, which is where he later asked me to be his girlfriend. It was from this point that we became almost inseparable. We were constantly spending our weekends together, or finding time between classes to grab a bite to eat.

Now, he and I have both graduated from college. He received a B.S. in Civil Engineering, while I received a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction. He commissioned into the Navy, and we moved across the country together to Washington State.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fort Ward Park, Washington

How He Asked

Cam and I had finally settled into our new lives in Washington. He was working on his new ship, while I was lucky enough to receive a late hire position to be a fifth grade teacher.

New to the state, we took weekend trips to new parks, coffee shops, and used book stores. We had this Friday off due to a holiday, so Cam and I made plans to go into Seattle and do all of our favorite things before he had to leave for school in San Diego for three months. We woke up early and started out to make it in time to pick out some books and then catch an early ferry to Bainsbridge. As usual with all of our plans, we didn’t catch the ferry we had wanted, and we forgot to make plans for something to do once we arrived to Bainsbridge, so while on the ferry we looked up coffee shops and parks. We came across Fort Ward park, and once we were across we headed off to our new destination. As we walked through the park, we both commented on how beautiful it was, the colors of the leaves, and how personal it felt because no one else seemed to be there.

It was on our way back through the park that Cam started insisting we walk on the smaller paths closer to the water. I was cold so I didn’t agree at first, but he was insistent, so I followed him closer to the water. Cam is an avid fly fisher, so I just assumed he wanted to look at the water for a good spot to come back to another day. I turned around to go look at another spot, and it occurred to me that we hadn’t done anything for our two year anniversary together. That’s when he stated, “I was remembering that too, but I did get you a two year anniversary surprise.”

I slowly turned around, surprised that he had something for me, and he was already getting on one knee and held out a ring. The next few moments passed by in a blur, but he asked me to be his wife and I had said barely could get out the words fast enough to accept.

Once back in the car, he told me about how he had been carrying around the ring for a while, and had been making plans to propose at our favorite beach, but all of my seminars for being a new teacher had continued to interfere with his plans. It was a spur of the moment decision to propose at the park, but he and I agreed that we wouldn’t have wanted it to be anywhere else.

Special Thanks

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