Proposals for Football Lovers

Can’t get enough football? Love watching proposal videos during the Superbowl commercial breaks? We’ve got the perfect proposal ideas for you!

49ers Fan Proposes in New Stadium
If proposing to a huge 49ers fan in the new stadium isn’t already an amazing surprise, being the first couple to ever get engaged there is even better.

49ers Football Stadium proposal


Proposal at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium
She thought they were just getting a tour of the stadium, but he had even bigger plans for their free time on the field.

Marriage Proposal at Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium (9)

Photography by Picturesque Photo & Video

Flag Football Game Proposal
She went to her boyfriend’s flag football game like she did every week, but his team had bigger plans.


Photography by Tosha Ramirez

Football Coach Enlists Team to Help with Proposal
He called his team together to help him with a big change in his life. The team’s sadness their coach was leaving turned into excitement when they found out they were going to be part of his proposal.



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