Gemma and Rob | Proposal in Jamaica

CR6A7262Rob performed the oldest trick in the book: He made Gemma look “over there” while he got down on one knee. Little did Gemma know that once she turned back around, she would be engaged.

It all started with a family vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica, with Rob’s parents, siblings, and their significant others and babies. A few days into the vacation, Rob was ready to propose to the woman he met at church a little over a year ago.

The surprise was tactfully planned. In advance, Dyanna, Rob’s sister and professional wedding photographer, told everyone in the family that she would be taking photos of everyone while in Jamaica. Rob’s brother, Nate, an NFL athlete, as well as a mastermind videographer, was also assisting Dyanna with photos and videos of the family vacation. There was a photographer, videographer, and a gorgeous backdrop: all the ingredients needed for a surprise engagement.

Two hours before sunset, Rob walked Gemma to the beachfront veranda at the Halfmoon Bay Resort. Dyanna told them she wanted some “wide angle shots” so they walked ahead toward the veranda while Dyanna and Nate stayed back on the beach.

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Gemma still had no idea.

And then they approached the veranda. Rob had her look “over there” and seconds later, she looked back at her boyfriend, who in that instant, was becoming her fiancé.

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Photos by Dyanna Joy Photography