Megan and John

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Washington Square Dog Park

How We Met

We met online in the Spring of 2014, where John’s picture with a friend’s dog peaked my interest – we are a modern day romance!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Washington Square Dog Park

I had just moved into my own apartment in the Lower East Side in New York City, and John invited me out to get to know my new neighborhood at a local wine bar, Ten Bells. Despite being concerned to hear I was a pescatarian, John quickly helped me rediscover the joys of bacon and we were soon inseparable.

We took our first big trip together to Croatia in the Summer of 2014. We spent two weeks eating fresh oysters (some picked right from the ocean!), walking Dubrovnik’s city walls, and exploring the stunning coastline of this extremely beautiful country. We quickly learned that we loved to travel with each other, and have since adventured in Portugal, Mexico, Turks & Caicos, Canada, and all across the continental U.S.

After a couple years passed, we moved into a beautiful apartment in the East Village. A home is not complete, however, without a dog! So in early 2017, we welcomed a joyful labradoodle puppy named Sherman into our family – after driving, against better judgment, through a blizzard to pick him up in South Jersey.

In May of 2017, John surprised me at a doggy play date by dropping to one knee in the middle of Washington Square dog run and asking me to marry him! Afterwards, we celebrated with close friends at an outdoor bar in Brooklyn, overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

We love to spend winters skiing and anytime possible on a beach. We are not easily threatened by a good time, particularly when in the company of friends, family, or a great game of flip cup. Weekends are spent exploring New York City with Sherman or trying out different restaurants, but we also thrive at spending a night in and sampling a new bottle of wine (or two). We look forward to some day watching Sherman (and maybe some little ones) run around in our backyard under a few strings of bistro lights.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Washington Square Dog Park

How He Asked

I have always loved to follow adorable dogs on Instagram, but particularly doodles. I would get so excited seeing a post with a group of doodles together in a party setting – it’s the cutest thing in the world! I’d always tell John that my dream “happy place” would be to be surrounded by a bunch of doodles in party hats.

After we moved in together, we decided to get our own dog, a labradoodle named Sherman! I created an Instagram account for him ( and became part of a very welcoming ‘doodle community,’ which loves to get together for meet ups.

On May 20, I had one of these meets ups planned with another doodle at Washington Square Park. John said he was going to the gym before the playdate, so he would have to meet me at the park. When I showed up, John was already there passing out party hats to all the owners – he said he thought it would be a fun photo for the playdate. I, honestly, thought it was weird that he was doing that, but thanked him for bringing fun props. As we entered the dog park and I was about to say hi to the other people there, John led me into the middle of the dog park, dropped down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I can barely remember the moment, I was in such shock with tears running down my face. I was in my dream happy place! The man I’m insanely in love with more than anything in this world was proposing to me when I was surrounded by a bunch of fluffy dogs running all over the place…though most of them were eating their party hats instead of wearing them!

I said yes (of course!) and we celebrated inside the dog park, and one dog mom had even brought champagne! I soon learned they were all in on the big surprise. We later left the dog park and met up with close friends at an outdoor bar in Brooklyn that overlooked the Manhattan skyline. It was an absolutely perfect day, and we are now looking forward to our wedding in September. And we already have a (very fluffy) ring boy in mind for the ceremony…

Special Thanks

Samson (a doodle!)