Lauren and John


How We Met

John and I have known each other since elementary school. We grew up together in the same neighborhood where our families often got together and spent many days at the tennis courts! He even drove me to high school! It wasn’t until after college when we realized our spark. It was an immediate realization we were destined for each other, but before we could move forward he knew he needed to confront his best friend – my brother.


Once he gave his blessing, we went on our first date! We worked through the initial challenges of getting our families used to the idea and found a solid foundation throughout our three years of dating. And now, we’re engaged!


How He Asked

John told me a few months ago he wanted to plan my birthday weekend. I just so happened to be traveling in Italy with my mom the week before my birthday so he had the benefit of doing all the planning and ring shopping while I was out of town. At the start of the weekend, while I was working from home (because I was still experiencing jet lag!), he walks in the front door of our house with three of my best friends from Florida! I was so surprised! While I thought he was at work, he was really picking them up from the airport and ensuring everyone got in town.

I immediately was convinced THAT was the birthday surprise that he had been planning. He mentioned the only plans he made for the weekend was dinner at my parents house on Saturday. So, we spent most of the weekend exploring Atlanta together with my friends. While we’re getting ready to go my parents, my friends tell me to put on a dress because we were going to a bar after we have dinner at my parents. And I’m so glad I did because otherwise I was going to wear a super casual outfit!

We get to my parents house and as he opens the door in front of me I see all of my closest family and friends – including even more friends that had traveled from other states! I was so surprised and so happy to have everyone all together! He then pulled me aside and told me he wanted to show me something he had “built” for me in the backyard while I was in Italy. He walks me down to a bench in my parents’ backyard where there is a crate surrounded by perfectly manicured flowers and landscaping. He tells me to lift up the box to see what is under it and there is a picture frame and a bouquet of flowers. While I lift up the box, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!



I turned around and everyone is on the back porch cheering.



I felt so special! We spend the rest of the night celebrating.


It was the most amazing weekend of my life – I will surely never forget it!




Special Thanks

Tara McDevitt
Shannon McDevitt