Lana and Geoff

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Grand Case, Saint Martin

How We Met

We met at a wedding three years ago. He had two separate dates bail on him that evening, so he went alone. I was my girlfriend’s last minute date because she had just broken up with her fiancé. I saw him out of the corner of my eye and thought he was one of the most attractive guys there that night. We started chatting and eventually danced together. We linked up on social media a few days later. He lived in Philadelphia, and I lived in New York City, but we still managed to make it work and saw each other every single weekend until we moved in together a year later.

How He Asked

Early 2017, we attend a children’s cancer charity and win a one week stay in St. Martin. Excited at first, I get concerned that we won a vacation in the heart of hurricane season. My future meteorologist finance assures me that those storms pass within a day and worst case scenario, we’ll be fine. August 2017, we’re on vacation in St. Martin. The island is beautiful. The weather is perfect every single day. We’re going on different adventures everyday, and my family back home is waiting for the good news. On our second to last night, he plans a beachside dinner at Grand Case Beach on the French side of the island. He’s fidgeting and walking to the bathroom quite a lot before the meal arrives. He starts telling me how much he loves me and our life, and asks me to marry him. Four days later, we’re back home and Hurricane Irma destroys the island that we grew in love with. We feel so incredibly lucky to have made it out safe and alive. At the same time, we were so incredibly saddened to see this paradise that meant so much to us get wiped away by the worst hurricane they have ever seen.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Grand Case, Saint Martin