Marriage Proposal at Lacrosse Practice


How we met: Chris and I met through a mutual friend and his sister. The girls had told both of us about one another for a few months before we actually met. With the stories they had told us about each other, we both thought they were too good to be true, there is no possible way we were that much alike! Well truth be told the “stories” were all true we were exactly what one another was looking for. I met Chris on a Thursday night at a bar on 42th and 2nd called Calico Jacks Cantina (it’s about as classy as the name sounds) – it was an instant attraction and the moment we met I thought to myself, I am going to marry him. Until this day I say to myself thank god for greasy quesadillas and tequila shots! Chris on the other hand felt the exact same way, he said he just knew I was the one. On top of it all, to this day he can recite everything I was wearing down to the shoes on my feet. It’s true what people say: when you know, you just know!

The Proposal: Lacrosse is my passion and my team is my whole life. Chris always knew this. When we first started dating I said to him if you survive Lacrosse season you are a keeper, and needless to say he survived! He planned the most amazing proposal, It was too good to be true. We had a huge rivalry game the Friday night before he proposed. It was a tight game, we were behind most of the game. I was never worried though, I refer to my girls as “the comeback kids”, they are number one in the nation and like themselves a little stiff competition. With 17 seconds left they tied up the game and in overtime won it. It was a nail biter for sure, or in Chris’s case a heart stopper.

The practice the next morning all depended on this game. If we lost, we would have had to have a real practice to work out the kinks of the game the night before, but if we won he had planned with the other Coach (Corinne) to have fake practice. They called practice at 9am yet I was told 10am. When I arrived, the girls were in a huddle getting ready to take direction as usual. As I approached them they scattered into a line and pulled out these wood letters that spelled out “Ashley Will You Marry Me?”.



I was taken by such surprised I thought I was dreaming. It took me some time to read and process the information. With that being said, Chris came out from behind these rolled up wrestling mats and the girls erupted into screams! He approached me with the biggest smile on his face. At this point all I could do was cover my face I couldn’t believe what was happening. He had to place the bouquet of roses on the floor so he could hold me up. He spoke to me from the heart telling how much he loved me and how he wanted to take care of me for the rest of our lives. He then got down on one knee and asked me the most important question anyone has ever asked me.. “Will you marry me?”










I can’t even explain the feeling. It was the most amazing moment in my life (besides the first time I met him). It was perfect. Chris not only had my girls there, but our parents to help us never forget this moment and my amazing best friend who was able to catch the whole moment on camera.  Jena is my matron of honor and the most talented photographer I have ever met.










Photos by J. Alviti Photography