Kylieheart and Archie Ian

Where to Propose in Regional Training Center 2, Cauayan, Isabela. Philippines

How He Asked

Keepers are rare. It took almost 12years after he finally asked 💍 last 12.20.2017 at PPSC-Regional Training Center. I cried 😭 that day because in every drop of my tears was a joy knowing that the good Lord has it own very special way to make my most awaited 💍 dream into reality. Our dreams actually began that day. The once we prayed and now coming into realization.😇 Through the years, it was not always 🍒cherries on top for us but with determination, patience and love ♥ nothing is impossible! #Love wins!🏆 It will amaze you in so many ways beyond imagination. #Promises are not meant to be 💔.

🍷 Cheers! To the Man you have become today, Archie Ian Puga . I’m proud to let every 👮 girlfriend/wife merong #Forever and stick-to-one. Mabuhay ang mga Pulis!👍 BuhayLespu

💑 My valentine, 📘classmate, 🏢 seatmate, 👫best friend, 🍴best Chef, 💄fashion critic, 🚨driver, 🗺travel buddy, 🚫 so-called partner-in-crime and personal 🔫 bodyguard 24/7 all rolled into one…

Happy 12th year anniversary!
😘”it’s you always.”
It’s like no 🕑 time has lapsed!

Happy Fiancée. Happy Life.
Happy 😍heart’s day everyone!

❤ #heartchie #fiancéeduty #policelife #love #engagement #determination #valentine

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Special Thanks

Gary Alfonso
He accompanied that going to my fiancé Recognition day at Training Center - Isabela, Philippine. He made sure i looked wonderful. Little did i know there is more on that Recognition. It an ultimate surprise. I get up on that stage and the rest was history.
Ryan Slavador
Archie Ian Puga