Kimberly and Eric

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hot Springs, North Carolina
Let’s just get right into it. Eric and I met in church when I was 12 and he was 16. He actually thought I was older than I was , so we remained only friends for years , not really that close. We would go months without talking. He dated other people as did I. When I was 18 he accidentally “liked” something I had posted on Facebook a while back. So , I messaged him and asked if he was “creeping” on me , he said no , but he clearly was. After that , we hung out just as friends for a bit , then began dating soon after that. It was hard at first , but we made it work. After that , I moved back home about 45 minutes away , thus began our long distance relationship. It was hard for about 2 1/2 years. We would only see each other twice a week and every other Saturday. It was very hard , but we got through it. Then , last year around April 2016 , I moved to White Pine and now we live just about 3 minutes apart. Now let’s skip to the engagement. On March 23 , 2017 We took a trip to Hot Springs , NC , just a long weekend to get away together. It was so much fun. We got there on a Thursday night and just relaxed. Well, the next day we were about to leave to go to the hot spring , I sat down to rub lotion on my feet before we left. He walked over to me , got down on one knee and said , ” Will you marry me?” I was so happy and couldn’t believe it actually happened. After 3 1/2 years of dating and 10 years of friendship it finally happened! First I said , “really?” then of course , I said “YES!” Soon after that. That was an amazing weekend. We are getting married on July 7 , 2018 at our church in TN. I cannot wait to marry this man !

Kimberly's Proposal in Hot Springs, North Carolina