Kelly and Jackson

Kelly's Proposal in Banff National Park, Canada

How We Met

Jackson and I have been dating for 8.5 years and were high school sweethearts, except I was in high school and he was actually in college at first :) No one thought we would last, but here we are almost 9 years later. We definitely had a rocky start to our relationship, as no one really believed it was real or would take us seriously, but after year 2 or 3, people finally starting realizing we were in it for the long haul. Everything finally came together when Jackson got down on one knee and asked the words that solidified everything – the words I had waited to hear for 5+ years!

How He Asked

It was one of the most elaborate lies of my life (and I loved it!). It was Memorial day weekend, and Jackson and I had planned to go camping. He picked me up early from work and we started driving toward what I thought was camping (turns out we were going the opposite direction – but I had no idea). We had already packed the night before so we were ready to go. Then, I slowly started realizing we were driving to the airport and I finally asked if we were going the right way. He said “Nope!” and pulled out a card that said “Happy early birthday!” along with a package that had both of our passports. I was shocked. My birthday wasn’t for another 3 weeks, but I was so excited by the thought of “Where are we going!!” He wouldn’t reveal the destination until I saw it for myself at the gate – we were going to Banff National Park in Canada – somewhere I’ve always dreamed of going! I couldn’t wait.

Fast forward 2 days later and we’re having a phenomenal time. It was (what I thought was) the best birthday surprise of my life. Then it got better. That Sunday morning we had planned to wake up early and go somewhere I had always dreamt of going – Moraine Lake. It’s that insanely beautiful, turquoise blue lake you see in all of those famous people’s Instagrams. It was incredibly gorgeous. I couldn’t help contain my excitement – then, we wandered up a couple hundred steps to this beautiful lookout, set up the GoPro to snap a quick picture of us in front of the lake (as we had been doing all weekend since there weren’t many people around), and then it happened.

Proposal Ideas Banff National Park, Canada

He pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on his knee and popped the question! Also, turns out instead of setting the GoPro to photo mode, he had it on video to capture the entire thing. It was magical. Talk about the best camping trip, turned surprise early birthday trip, turned most perfect proposal story ever.