Jillian and Cory

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On a flight from Pittsburgh to Atlanta

How We Met

My friend Candice was having a happy hour and invited me and her cousin. Her cousin brought Cory with him and we saw each other seated on opposite sides of the long table we were all sitting at. Cory came over and talked to to me and stayed even after his friend left. After that night he asked me out on our first date.

How He Asked

On October 7th we left for our vacation to Aruba out of Pittsburgh and flying through Atlanta. We were sitting at the gate when we learned our flight would be delayed for at least 4 hours and we would definitely miss our connection in Atlanta to get to Aruba that day. We were disappointed to say the least when we talked to the gate agent who suggested we still fly to Atlanta and then stay the night in Atlanta and fly out to Aruba the next morning. Of course this is not what we had planned but the gate agent convinced us this would be the best option. I sat down while Cory finalized the details with the gate agent. When Cory came back he was excited to announce he got us upgraded to first class seats on our way to Atlanta. We boarded the plane and had a drink and I was really enjoying the flight despite the delay. About half way through the flight Cory got up to use the restroom. I saw him go from the front to the back of the plane and back to the front with no clue what he was doing.

Then I noticed a couple of people around me with their phones out and pointed in my direction and I was even more confused. Cory downloaded the “I want to grow old with you song” from the “Wedding Singer” which has been my favorite movie since I was younger and was planning to play the song over the loud speaker and then propose. However the speaker system on the plane wasn’t that great and couldn’t pick up the song from his phone. The flight attendant asked: Can you sing? Without any back up Cory sang the song over the loudspeaker system and then walked out got down on one knee and proposed.

Of course I said yes! Little did I know that Cory had been coordinating with the airline for weeks planning our proposal and was freaking out when our flight was delayed. Whenever we arrived home from vacation our house was decorated with “She said yes” signs, flowers and balloons decorated by his family members while we were away to both of our surprise. I couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful and surprising proposal.

Jillian's Proposal in On a flight from Pittsburgh to Atlanta

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