Irice and Jerwin - Proposal Video + Amazing Photos!

Our favorite proposal stories have not only the cutest proposal videos, but also amazing photos. These two look splendidly happy and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share their proposal story.

How we met: Jerwin and I belong to the same church, the Church of Christ (Iglesia ni Cristo). One of the unique things about our church is that it is centralized and no matter which “locale” you attend, everything is the same: the lesson being taught, the hymns, the format, etc. It so happened that I belonged to the locale of San Gabriel Valley, located in Baldwin Park, CA, and Jerwin attended in Anaheim, CA. However, Jerwin transferred in August of 2006 to my locale. We were both choir members, so it was easy to get to know each other since we went to practice at the same time and performed during worship services together. Over time, we learned that we both loved food, good music, and long walks on the beach (no joke), so these things became routine for us — picnics on the beach, trying out new cupcake places, and of course, going to concerts together (Coldplay, Maroon 5, One Republic…). It was no wonder that Jerwin would somehow combine these things into the perfect proposal! So, fast forward 5 years later to October 2011…

How he asked: One Sunday in October, Jerwin asked me to come to his house at 2 PM. His exact words were, “don’t be late.” He had been dropping hints that he was going to propose, but it had been weeeeeks of this and with my Girl Scout mentality, I would always take extra time to get ready (cute outfit, fix my hair/makeup) just in case he planned to document the event. That particular Sunday, I ended up running late (oops!) because I couldn’t figure out what to wear (he had been pretty vague about what we were doing that day). When I showed up at his house, he had a big box of SusieCakes cupcakes and a smaller box that was supposed to be for his sister-in-law. He told me were going on a picnic at one of our spots, Crystal Cove Beach in Newport.

My thought was, “I needed to be on time for this?!”, but I let it go because I didn’t want to pick a fight. To give you a bit of background, Jerwin and I really loved hanging out in Newport Beach because of two things: Baja Fish Tacos (great hole in the wall restaurant with THE BEST fish tacos, salsa, and rice!) and SusieCakes Bakery — so it was easy for me to keep calm because of the promise of good food! We eventually arrived at Crystal Cove and sat on a blanket by the shore. There were plenty of people walking around and taking pictures, so I didn’t think twice…

After we ate, we took a walk and Jerwin began to play Coldplay’s “Us Against the World.” It was my favorite song from their newest album and the first time we heard it, we agreed that it made us feel like we were having a “moment.” As we rounded the corner to an outcropping of rocks (which I initially objected to because they looked dangerous!), Jerwin said, “Babe, look over there.” He pointed to the rocks and on it were the words “Irice will you marry me?” My heart skipped a beat and he grinned and said, “Are you ready? Because it’s really happening…”

Of course I said yes, and no, I didn’t cry (too excited!), but I’m grateful that we got the whole thing on video thanks to his brother. Here it is!

Irice and Jerwin were recently married and here’s the absolutely beautiful bride…

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