Shannon and Emily

Shannon's Proposal in Davis, CA & Fortuna, CA

How We Met

Emily and I met on May 4th, 2013. We were introduced by a mutual friend of ours, Emily’s cousin, who was also my college cheer captain at the time! We all went to a party together that night, and I knew Emily was special. She’d often worn the mascot costume at the games that I had been cheer-leading at, and we’d had no idea! She was a senior at the University of California, Davis, and I was in my third year. I’m from Northern CA, Humboldt County, specifically, and she is born and raised in Orange County, but our differences just seemed to complement each other. Somehow, we’d both ended up at UC Davis. To this day, I’m convinced it was fate. The very next day, May 5th, we got together again to go to a party at a friend’s house, and that’s where we both agree we fell in love.

We spent all day together, sitting on the roof and talking and laughing, and I was completely head over heels from that day forward. We’ve been together ever since, through her years in veterinary school, and through the process of the start of my writing career. I even dedicated a book to her when my first series was published in 2015. We adopted a dog named Blue and raised him together, and throughout everything she’s been the brightest part of my life. As our three and a half year anniversary approached, I knew that it was time to make things more official. (Emily is the one in the pink shirt in this photo.)

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How sHe Asked

After about three and a half years together, I decided to start planning a proposal for Emily that would be as special as she was. I felt as though I’d known since the day we met that we were meant to be together, but after years of getting to know her better I was even more sure that this was true. So, I went back to where we’d met on May 5th back in 2013. We’d sat on the roof of the house that day for hours, talking and laughing. We both agreed that was where we fell in love. So, for 11/5/2016, our three and a half year anniversary, I ordered 3,000 rose petals, bought champagne, and I made the perfect playlist of our songs. I chose her ring, something vintage and sparkly that fit her personality, and I waited for her on the roof where we’d fallen in love. I was lucky enough that she said yes, and it was perfect.

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But, our proposal story wasn’t over yet. Little did I know, but Emily had plans of her own for her proposal to me! A few weeks later, we were headed to my parents’ house on the Northern California coast. The day before Thanksgiving, Emily told me she wanted to have my sister take engagement photos of us in my backyard, which is full of beautiful redwood trees. Emily led me to a quiet clearing where she’d set up an old-fashioned typewriter covered in twinkling lights. Written on the paper in the typewriter was, “Shannon, will you marry me?”

I’m a writer, and I never thought she’d do something so beautifully unique to my personality. My ring was also exquisite, hand-crafted by a friend of the family to look almost like a tiara. I said yes that day, too. In fall of 2015, I had a book series published, and I dedicated one book to Emily. The dedication reads: ‘To my Emily, the one who taught me that true love doesn’t just exist in fairy-tales.’ For me, these proposals perfectly represent that love. I’ll treasure the experiences, and her, forever.