Josie and Frankie

Josie and Frankie's Engagement in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

How We Met

I actually met Josie on one of a mutual friends Instagram page back in 2016. A few months later after ignoring her page, something told me to message her. We exchanged numbers and after talking to her on the phone for almost 3 hours I knew I had to have her or at least go on a date. We talked and texted all day every day. On February 6th I finally met Josie in person and we’ve been inseparable since. We connected in a way that is indescribable. She was definitely my missing piece. She brought out the best in me and I owe my happiness to her. I knew she was the one since the first time I ever heard her voice.

How She Asked

Josie’s birthday is on March 31st. And we always take a trip somewhere for each other’s birthday. So on the first week of January, I booked Josie’s 29th birthday trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX. Proposing to her in Cabo was already in mind. So in February I bought the ring and chartered a yacht with Nayeli and Ozzie. I ran my ideas with Nayeli and how I wanted to propose. I told her I wanted to do it on the yacht in front of the arch/ lovers beach and if she could film the whole thing. The plan was, on the day of the yachting adventure, to throw Josie off a bit, I would have like a photo shoot and say a speech. So I decided to write my famous long speech describing my love for her, I bought a customized gold necklace with my last name and a fortune cookie stating “One day very soon your last name will change to Barron.”

Josie's Proposal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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On March 30th, we landed in Cabo around 10 am and as soon as we got to the hotel we got ready for the yacht. Around 3 we boarded the yacht, had some drinks and food. We were all having a great time, enjoying each other’s company, listening to music, enjoying the beautiful sea of Cabo. We asked Josie to take pictures looking at the arch. While she was doing that I decided to start my speech. In the middle of my speech, I gave Joie the necklace.

I proceeded with my speech and handed Josie the customized fortune cookie and I asked her to read her fortune out loud. As she was reading it, I grabbed the ring and got down on one knee. Of course, she was crying and said YES! We had random people from different boats and yachts screaming and cheering for us so it was just so special and so perfect!

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