Josephine and Lacy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in San Sebastian Winery

How We Met

Lacy and I met in the early summer of 2016. I had been living at home in Orlando at the time before I transferred to the University of Florida. Lacy had graduated from Florida State University in December, 2015. We met by chance online! I was in the process of deleting an online dating profile when I saw that I had one new message. I clicked on it, saw a really kind and thought out message unlike anything else I experienced on the app, and the rest is history. We messaged each other non-stop over the phone. When I took a brief weekend trip with family while we were first talking, she messaged me and told me that “when you get back, I’m taking you on a date.” Lacy took the lead, and on our first date, we went to dinner and a poetry reading. When we said goodbye, I knew, for sure, that it was not a one-time thing or a normal first date. We lived an hour apart and every week we would meet up twice. Our relationship really bloomed that summer- but we both had fears because I was moving to Gainesville in the fall and starting school at UF. We knew we wanted to continue our relationship because we both knew how significant it was, even then. We decided to go long distance, and two to three times a month, Lacy would make a nearly three-hour drive to Gainesville or we would meet in Orlando. Lacy was accepted to and began graduate school during this process! We continued this steadily for the entire academic year. Then a new opportunity emerged: I was accepted to a summer study abroad program! But this made our long distance ever longer. Though it was only five weeks, we felt the distance. We missed each other so much. However, immediately when I returned to Florida (Literally, immediately. As in, the day after I came home.) we closed the gap and moved in with each other in Gainesville. We have been living together in our tiny apartment ever since and making new memories. We are so thankful to have closed the gap and share our lives together.

How She Asked

Marriage has been on our minds for a while… maybe Lacy’s a little longer. When we moved in together, we started seriously preparing for engagement. Lacy started the search for a ring and asked for my input. We decided on one together. Time went on, and I waited for a proposal. For a belated birthday present to Lacy, I offered for us to go to St. Augustine for a weekend. We have talked about going to St. Augustine, specifically the winery there, our entire relationship. She agreed, and the wheels started to turn for her. I had a hunch it may happen- we planned sightseeing, a fancy dinner, the whole works. On the first day, when nothing happened, I was a little confused. But the next day, we went to go see the sunrise at the river, and although it sounds corny, I knew something special would happen that day.

Josephine's Proposal in San Sebastian Winery

Lacy took me to a coffee lab, we toured historical sites, and then ended up at the winery, San Sebastian. We toured and tried wines, and went to a rooftop patio that overlooked the city. We drank some wine and talked for about an hour. Then Lacy said it was time to get going. We started to head out, and Lacy led me over to a private patio. We had a long conversation, and it seemed like Lacy was anxious. I started to get anxious because she was anxious. But then she started crying, and I knew this was it. Overlooking the city, she got down on one knee, and I started to bawl. I said yes, and the rest is history!