Jewel and Annie

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At home, in bed, on a Monday morning

How We Met

Well! She was dating one of my friends. I went to see my friend at a pub one afternoon and Annie was there singing. She recalls thinking I was hot and I remember feeling much the same and so I tried not to look at her. It’s just not what you do, it’s forbidden, that’s my friends partner right, and my girlfriend at the time was also there.

Time passed and my friend was leaving to go overseas and having a farewell. I was single now and swanned into the farewell in a white full length jumpsuit, vintage red lipstick and heels. Annie and I had some intense witty back and forth conversation but of course, nothing more.

6 months goes by and she slides into my DMs. I won’t tell you what it said but it was very forward. I read it but didn’t reply. She’s still out of bounds in my mind, I’m trying to be a good friend right

2 months go by and I’m laying in bed and get a Facebook notification “Annie is live”, so I click the notification and there she is sitting in a Onepiece onesie, eating onion rings, singing and playing her guitar. It’s hilarious to watch the moment she sees my name commenting and says “you still haven’t replied to message Jewel”. She kept singing, I was captivated. Laying in bed just beaming watching her sing and crack jokes.

So I did. We set up a date. I blew her off. Twice. This is my friends ex. I was trying to do the right thing by my friend.

I was having a crap day, about 3 weeks had passed, and Annie asked me where I lived and said “I’ll be there in 5 minutes, we’ll take you to the beach”. This gorgeous, talented, tattooed chick is coming to my house with her bulldog to take me to walk along the beach at sunset. That was the fastest 5 minutes I’ve ever experienced. We walked the beach, talking, keeping a distance.

She took me home and I thanked her for showing up when I needed someone. Annie went out to dinner with friends and when she got home, she messaged and invited me over to watch Disney movies. I did and I pretty much haven’t left.

How She Asked

Getting married was something we talked about early on. It was important to know if that was on the cards, you know, some people don’t want to get married. I think it’s importsnt to talk about these things, even if you’ve only been seeing someone for two weeks. Annie said she knew very early on that she loved me and wanted to be with me. I needed a bit more time. So a little after our first anniversary we were talking about it in more detail. Like, how? Who’s asking? A ring? Two rings? To us, there’s no rules, it’s about what we each want, our way. Annie doesn’t like wearing jewellery but as a professional musician, she likes guitars. Early February we were in one of the music stores picking up some new gear in preparation for an upcoming Fringe show Annie was playing bass in. As you do, Annie was trying out some of the nice bass’ and this one particular bass made her smile like she had a clothes hanger in her mouth. It’s a ‘63 Fender P Bass and fittingly, in Olympic White. I said to her “is this the one, I think it is?” And she just beamed at me.

Well now it was my turn, what did I want, my dream ring. I wanted something epic but didn’t want it to be a lot of money. Two things that generally don’t go together. I wanted all of the sparkle but I didn’t want it to be over au$1000. I just couldn’t wear something that expensive, it doesn’t align with my values. I did some research and found a stone called Moissonite. Originally it came from a meteor that crashed on Earth, from the stars. It’s as sparkly as diamond, as hard, and without the price tag. I had my 1 inspiration picture of this “dream ring” and sought out a Jeweller on Etsy. I cannot rave enough about DC! She’s incredible. I was involved in the whole planning and designing process. I was even sent the tracking number when it was done. It arrived at the local airport, having travelled from China, on a Friday. Of course it did! A Friday! It won’t get delivered until Tuesday. Knowing my ring had arrived and was sitting just 20 minutes drive away, was crazy. I couldn’t think, I was so excited.

Sunday I was sat at my desk, editing a beautiful wedding when the door rang. I answered the door in just a singlet and my knickers! I thought it would just be a door knocker I could turn away. Im standing there and like in slow motion I’m noticing his shirt, the logo, the parcel. It’s the delivery guy, it’s my ring.

So now I have it. My ring. I’m sitting on the bed with it. I’m screaming and crying at this parcel. Annie’s at work.

I text her and she played it down, she had a solo gig straight after work so she was coming home to go through the songs and then we were off, out the door to the gig.

She teased me all night, holding it over me. It was hilarious. Everyone she was telling though, knew about the bass she already had, she’s even played an album launch with it. It’s gorgeous.

We get home, Annie’s has a couple of beers. I’m standing in the kitchen making the dogs dinner. We feed them raw, so my hands were covered in raw meat. Annie walks in with the ring, in a yellow envelope, as if this is the moment. I look at her and say “are you sure, right now?” And she doubted herself, she hid the ring and we went to bed. Do you think I could fall asleep knowing it was no longer in China, it’s no longer 20 minutes drive away, it’s in my house!

Monday morning rolls around, I wake up and Annie has drawn the curtain, she brought the dogs in and coffees. She gets into bed and hands me my coffee and then hands me a little blue box. 12 hours ago, I was dressed to the 9s, highlight on point, Arnhem, boots with a heel, looking gorge. Now I look hungover, I’ve got smudged mascara and my hair is a birds nest. But it was perfect. In bed, over coffee, with the dogs. Just us. Nothing grand. And a Monday.

Its beautiful because Annie’s written some gorgeous songs about us falling in love, about coffee tasting good, about mondays rolling around and she sings “because you’re color and I’m darkness but it’s fitting in with me just fine”.

Special Thanks

DC Zhang