How She Asked: Kristin and Brittany

How We Met: Brittany and I met while out one night in DC. At the time I lived in Salisbury, MD, about 2.5 hours away, but there was a new lesbian bar grand opening in DC that I really wanted to attend. For those that don’t know, lesbian specific bars are few are far between, so this was a huge deal.  I convinced one of my straight girlfriends,Taylor, to take on the adventure with me and we made the trip.  At the same time over in Fairfax, Brittany was convincing one of her friends, Chris, to also tackle this party with her.  I got there early (as in right as the bar was opening), and wandered around most of the night too shy to approach anyone.  Brittany got to the bar around midnight and the line was around the block! Luckily the tall male she brought stuck out in a sea of women and the owner of Phase told them to head to the front of the line and head in.  If it weren’t for that move, Brittany may have never even made it in.  Eventually Brittany, who is even more shy than I am, pointed me out to Chris as someone who had caught her eye.  Chris immediately walked over and asked if I was single and wanted to dance with his friend.  After taking a peek around him and seeing Brittany, I obviously said yes (I mean she is gorgeous)! We danced the rest of the evening and exchanged numbers at the end of the night. We would then spend the next year and a half doing the long distance thing until I moved to DC.


How She Asked: It was coming up on the three year mark of the day we met.  I was completely oblivious to this, and scheduled a shift at my other job for that specific day.  But Brittany was on the ball and was able to work around my less than romantic mistake.  About a week or two before she mentioned there was a “Women’s Networking Event” at the Hay Adams in DC.  I was frustrated at my job and this was the perfect type of event to use to get me to absolutely agree to go. Not only was the event right up my alley, but who would ever turn down an opportunity to go to an event at the Hay Adams – the most historic hotel in the city with the most amazing views? Not me! Brittany also managed to work in that she had to meet with the events coordinator at the hotel before hand for her own job (she is a meetings/event coordinator in Arlington).  This was normal to me as she had done events there before so I agreed to just meet her at the cocktail hour.  When I got to the hotel I walked in and someone greeted me and I told them I was their for the “Networking Event.” They played along and showed me to the elevator that led to the top floor.  When I got to the top there was another woman at the top who confirmed that I was there for the networking event, and led me around the corner.  Thats when it hit me.  The room was dark except for a few lights in front of the double doors that were open overlooking the White House, and in the middle of those doors stood Brittany. The tears came immediately as I knew what was happening.  Brittany led me over to the balcony where she said what I am sure were very sweet words but I was too caught up in the moment to remember them. She dropped to one knee and asked me to marry her. We shared a glass of champagne, looked at the pictures her cousin was able to snap while hiding behind a table, and called to share the good news with our families!