How She Asked: Destiny and Karlyn

How We Met: We met originally 5 plus years ago. I had seen her in the club here in town and went up to her then girlfriend, and let her know the girl she was dancing with was gorgeous. She let me know that she was her girlfriend. I let her know she was very lucky, and that she should be proud. Life went on and then 2 years later we connected again and started talking, and then hanging out, and before we knew it we were inseparable. She is my best friend, and my soul mate. I do not know what I would do without her and am very excited for our journey together.
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How She Asked: We had planned a Disneyland trip for her birthday which is 05/11/2015, our anniversary which is 05/13/2012, and her graduating college 05/06/2015. We left right after graduation, and our first day in the park was for that Sunday 05/17/2015. She had been telling me she ordered me a laptop for our anniversary and it was not going to be ready in time. I was totally okay with that, and just excited to take a trip to our favorite place and happiest place on earth!

On Sunday we walked into the park right as it opened, and walked straight for the castle. We always go there first to take our pictures before we get the day started. As we were taking our pictures she looks at me and says, ” You know how I told you your present was not going to be here in time? Well I lied, I have had your gift for a couple of months now!” I was so confused, as she grabbed something out of her pocket and bent down on one knee. She asked me to marry her, and I immediately broke down into an ugly cry, I was so shocked I cried no. But quickly realized what I said and replied with, ” Not no, yes!” I was so surprised and so excited! Very happy that we got engaged in Disneyland, and cannot wait to marry my best friend.