Denielle and Patricia

How We Met

It was over 7 years ago and truth be told- Patricia and I didn’t want to meet at first. We both were going through break ups and didn’t feel it was the right time. Both being soccer players it turned out we had common teammate we both played with at different times and on different teams and she kept suggesting we should introduce ourselves. I was in New England and Patricia was in Florida at the time. In a very none nonchalant fb message I reached out to Patricia and introduced myself. Ya know the basics- I hear you’re a soccer player too, we have a common friend it seems, I’m finishing school studying this, etc. I guess it worked though because shortly after Patricia responded! After reading her email back I remember exactly what I thought “ohh sh*t”. There was something there I was into and I knew it. She seemed so sweet, refreshing and I knew I was done for. Now I also knew Patricia was spanish (half puerto rican and half espana) and in my next response I gave her my number and told her if she wanted to let me hear her accent I was open to it. The first phone call we had latest 4 hours. So after 3 months of endless calls and Skype I flew down to see her in person. She was a tiny peanut with beautiful long curly hair, jean short and a black tank. She ran to me in the airport and jump into my arms and we kissed. That was the first time I saw my future wife in person and it was everything I think we both could have ever hoped for. She was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

Denielle's Proposal in Paris, France

How She Asked

For Christmas Patricia had surprised me with a trip to Europe! It was also to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. Now I knew this year was the year I would propose. I had a few ideas in mind. As we started to plan our trip we knew there where a few things we definetly wanted to do. In Paris we wanted to see a show and Moulin Rough and have dinner int eh Eiffel Tower one night. When we looked in to buying tickets it just so happened that the show and the dinner fell on the same night in perfect alignment! Dinner was 6:30pm-8:30pm and we had to be at the show around 10:30pm. I thought right then and there between the gap I could propose! Sooo I got to work. I contacted a surprise proposal photographer who helped me pick the location. We decided on just over the bridge from the Eiffel tower. That way it could be more quite and the tower would be in the background. I told Patricia I booked us a water taxi after dinner to get us to the show. After that I wanted a little more so I hired a few musicians to play as we would walk along the water. Musicians play in Paris all the time so I though she wouldn’t think anything of them, and that was the plan! I thought I was all set- I had the ring set, the photographer booked and musicians set. Then of course two days before we got caught in a major rainstorm in Paris and my cell died! I was panicking. So when she hopped in the shower I snuck on her phone contacted my bff gave her all my email log in info and asked her to reach out to my proposal crew for final confirmation and to let them know what happened but that we would still be there. As the big day came and then the big night I was ready. The only thing I forgot was that the Eiffel tower added security and had 2 check points with metal finders. I start to panic again thinking “oh no what if the ring goes off in my pocket and they ask me to take everything out of my pockets”! Sweating, I made it through and no metal detectors went off. PHEW! The dinner was perfect, we ate so much and had a blast. As we walked over the Seine river I could see my photographer and musicians, it stated to sink in. The plan was as soon as soon as we made our way down the steps and they saw us they would kick it off with one of her favorite songs she always sing to me – Just the way you are by Bruno Mars. As soon as I heard the acoustic and looked at her I started getting watery eyes and just tried to brush it off and told myself to get it together! As we walked done the cobble stone she didn’t want to get to close to the musicians because she thought they were the ones having their picture taken. We walked a little more and she was like I don’t see any taxi here let’s go back the other way. At that moment I paused and told her “there’s another reason we are here”. I of course was a mix a smiling and crying before I got out two words. I’m that person who will watch the Notebook 100 times and cry 100 times at the end. But this moment for us was everything. 7 years of memories, milestones, love, and everything we had been through together had come together. Most of it is foggy but the bits we remember I know we both wont ever forget. She said yes and we both cried happy tears and kissed and hugged so much. It all worked out and we are so happy!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Special Thanks

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