Ashley and Jenna

Where to Propose in Seaside Park NJ

How We Met

Jenna and I met through work. Our co workers would always hang out together since most of us were around the same age, so Jenna and I became close relatively quickly. From group gatherings to summer nights we became inseparable. Eventually, we moved in together, which made deciding who’s place to sleep at each night much easier! Haha! Through the years we have grown together, making memories to last a lifetime. We even started a blog together to keep our adventures all in one place. I knew that nothing could ever come between us and the love we had for each other was a bond that I have truly never felt before. I knew in my heart that I had found my soulmate.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Seaside Park NJ

How She Asked

I’ve known that I wanted to propose to Jenna for a VERY long time, but I had to wait for the perfect moment. I picked out her ring in January, even though I knew that I wanted to wait for warmer weather. Being that Jenna is a photographer, I knew how important photos are to her, although I didn’t have a location in mind just yet. I thought about my proposal constantly. I thought about when, where, and how all day everyday! My mind would always wander to choosing a location; our favorite hiking spot, at home, even Disney World! I thought about it for months, with Jenna on my tail about when I was going to pop the question. Ultimately my heart said the ocean! The beach was perfect because it’s one of Jenna’s favorite places to visit and we had a trip to Seaside Park planned, plus it was getting warm enough to go. Now that I had where and when figured out…all I had left was how. I watched countless beach proposal videos and couldn’t find anything that was right for us. Then it hit me! I decided to make a video about our relationship and love. I searched through our social media looking for pictures of everything that we have ever done together, I included pictures and videos of our families together, and our favorite songs. I added so many personal touches that it took me weeks to even make. Thankfully, I finished it just a few days before our trip! We arrived at the house we were staying in down the shore late at night, so I decided I would wake Jenna up in the morning and head to the beach then. The next morning we walked down to the beach together, I set up a blanket for us to sit on, handed her a pair of headphones and my phone and had her watch the video. It was the perfect moment. We had the beach completely to ourselves, which to this day we find strange since there’s always people on the beach in the morning searching for seashells or on an early run (it was meant to be!). At the end of the video, I asked her to marry me. Through her tears she said yes! However… here’s the twist, she pulled a ring out for me and popped the question there too! It truly was a perfect moment that we will cherish forever.