How She Asked: Adrianna and Ashley

How He Asked: We had a evening of fun planned. My fiancee’ and I were to be involved in a scavenger hunt put together by a friend for a school project. Ashley spent the morning leading up to the hunt making playful jabs about how she was going to win as we were set to be on different teams. I, being the competitive person that I am, ate it all up. I was determined to win. It was off to the races the moment the scavenger hunt began. I found the first clue with my partner and quickly drove off to the next location. Too quickly haha. I did say I wanted to win. The next location had a clue for another location on foot. As I found the last clue I had to decipher the words as they were all scrambled. The last clue read at the end “Adrianna Tousignant, will you marry me?” As I turned out I saw my fiancee’ approaching the a box in her hand. I was crying at this point and without letting her say the words aloud. I promptly answered yes! Needless to say the scavenger hunt was all a rouse but in the end I still came out the winner.

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