How We Met

In the summer of 2013 Mitch & I were both at a christian summer festival with 12,000 other young adults, we didn’t know each other & never met that week. But somehow Mitch saw me & noticed me out of the crowds of 12,000 people & he would say it was a ‘love at first sight’ moment. He saw me maybe 3 times throughout the week & months later he could still remember the exact spots & what I was wearing etc. I was completely oblivious of this & even of Mitch’s existence & I blissfully unaware had a great week camping with my friends at the festival. The week ended, we never met & we both went home. Mitch’s friends have told me since of the car journey home where he was gutted he hadn’t ever spoke to me & was sure he would never see me again.


Despite the festival having been 4 hours from both our homes, it just so happened that we are actually from the same home city. Three months passed and in November of 2013 through mutual friends I heard of Mitch & how he had seen me at the festival, we then did the twenty-first-century-dating-thing of chatting online (although only for all of about 3 days) & then that weekend we both happened to be at the same church in our city & we met for the first time after the service. We got on instantly & Mitch asked for my number, the next day he asked me on a date & 4 days later we went on our first date & really the rest is history. Just 2 months into having met & started dating, I left to go abroad for 6 months & on my return I was then moving 5 hours away for 2 years at university.

So it was all a bit of a whirlwind & we had to commit seriously to being with each other for years of long distance ahead, after only knowing each other for 2 months, but right from our first date where we sat & chatted for 4 hours straight we both knew this was something really special & 100% worth it.

The photos are from 3 months into us dating when Mitch flew half way round the world to visit me where I was staying in Sarasota, Florida & we shared some of our most treasured memories in the most amazing 2 weeks together.


How He Asked

The proposal was perfect, Mitch was so thoughtful & personal in how he asked me to marry him.

It was the 10th July 2016 and in fact moving day for me, after living in Devon for two years, I had packed my life in Devon up in the car & I was driving with my parents back up to Nottingham (mine & Mitch’s hometown). This was a really significant day as it marked the end of 2 & a half years doing long distance for Mitch & I. As we were driving back up the country my parents (who were in on the plan) took a detour although quite honestly I was blissfully unaware in the back of the car, until we started driving up a beautiful long drive up to this incredible stately home.

We then stopped at the front of this beautiful house & I was very confused at this point – then, the first surprise. Mitch walks around the corner with a bunch of roses in hand. I was so shocked as I definitely was not expecting to see him in the middle of Herefordshire!

Unbeknown to me he had secretly been planning for 4 months a surprise 3 days away at Homme House out in the countryside in Herefordshire. After spending hours trawling airbnb, emailing lots of properties & checking in many times for advice with my now bridesmaids, he booked us a 2 night stay away in the incredible 17th Century Grade 1 listed Summerhouse at Homme House, with it’s own 2 acre walled garden all to ourselves! It was breathtakingly beautiful, like a mini fairytale castle!

After I was slightly over the initial shock, Mitch took me around the back of the house to the walled garden, we stood at the gate & he pointed at their amazing 17th Century Summer House & said “that’s ours for the next two nights” – I was beyond excited. We went & explored & then waved off my parents & spent the afternoon wandering the grounds & chilling out.

Later that evening Mitch told me we were going to be having a picnic in the woods – safe to say I was a little suspicious. We headed into the woods & half way through our walk Mitch covered my eyes so I couldn’t see where we were going & he lead me into a clearing.

He then uncovered my eyes to reveal a beautiful clearing under a tree which he had covered in fairy lights, candles and photos earlier that day. There was a picnic full of all our favourite food & an incredible view. I was so surprised & moved by his thoughtfulness & effort – and there in that moment Mitch said a lot of nice things (sorry, these aren’t included in the video) & asked me to marry him & of course I said YES!

(I had always said to Mitch when we had spoke of getting engaged that I would absolutely love for it to be filmed as I knew it would be a moment that I would love to relive again & again for the rest of my life. As he is a videographer this definitely wasn’t too much to ask & he beautifully filmed the engagement with cameras that he had set up earlier in the clearing. Then as a photographer myself I couldn’t resist being in such a pretty place & not having photos of us there, so the next day we took some self portraits in the gardens to document our trip & engagement – we didn’t of course take any photos in the actual proposal, the photos you do see are screenshots from the video)

Our Video

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