Erica and Erik

Proposal Ideas Steamboat springs, Colorado

How We Met

We met on a dating app! It’s so cliche but in the modern day world dating apps are just so much easier and more convenient. We actually met in person at a bar, unplanned, and I recognized him from across the room. I went over to say hi and we chatted for a little. We had our first date the next week and the rest is history :)

How He Asked

We were in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, on vacation with some friends. I was told that we had 4 tickets comped for the sunset happy hour at the top of the mountain at Thunderhead Lodge. Since Erik (my fiancé) is in the travel industry he frequently gets us things like this comped, so I stopped asking questions a while ago. We took the gondola up at 5 pm, and when we got to the top we were the only ones in the whole restaurant (which, if I looked online I would have known the Sunset HH is only on Thursdays). There was a small table set up in the corner with a champagne bottle, flowers, and 4 glasses (both of our old roommates were with us too). My oblivious self still had zero idea what was going on. We then proceeded to go outside to take photos in front of the sunset and after a few photos I said “ok, it’s cold, let’s go inside,” but Erik asked for one more photo; This is when he reached into his jacket and got down on one knee to propose. I only remember pieces of what he said, and I said yes before I even saw the ring. We hung out, called our families, and then went back down the gondola to meet up with our friends for a celebratory dinner. I was literally in shock because I had zero idea it was coming. He always told me he would propose when I least expected it, and he did such an amazing job. I am a lucky girl.

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