Emily and Francisco

How We Met

A little background about Frank and I…we met on Match.com in August of 2014. At that point, I was over dating and he was just starting-I was his first and last online date! We talked on the phone every day for about 2 weeks prior to our first date. The anticipation was torture. Finally, we agreed to have our first date. I was so nervous and excited. He picked me up in his bright yellow Corvette and he drove us to a restaurant in Astoria, NY. We were both trying to look at each other without seeming like we were staring. Finally, we sat down at dinner and it was instant. He was so sweet, kind and adorable in every aspect. We both discuss that night and at that point, we already felt like we had been dating already and it just felt like our busy schedules kept us from having a date night. That’s when we both knew this was going to be something special, and it sure was.

How He Asked

In November we designed my engagement ring. So I knew it was coming soon. Christmas, New Year, his birthday all came and went. From the beginning of our relationship, he has always said that proposing on holidays was so cheesy. I was honestly expecting a vacation proposal.

After about 3 and a half years of dating and living together, we grew to become almost like a married couple. Valentine’s Day was approaching and we had discussed that we wouldn’t do anything. We wanted to avoid the crows, overpriced and mediocre meals. Instead, we would settle for running to Walgreens the day after and hit the 50% off chocolate sale and watch movies together at home.

Valentine’s Day came. I am usually at the gym when Frank gets home. Not this day. I was getting dressed for the gym class that I was running late to. I heard him coming up the stairs of our apartment and heard him tiptoe-ing around the living room. I had zero time to investigate. I gave him a kiss and said “What no card?” in a playful voice and he was speechless-which is very UNLIKE Frank.

I came home from the gym and we ate dinner and he was talking about getting engaged. In a calm and confident voice, he said that he had a plan. Which is also very UNLIKE Frank as I am more of the planner and he is more spontaneous. Looking back at the way he said it, with such calmness, I should have known something was up. I cleaned up dinner, took a shower and made us a cup of tea before relaxing on the couch. We were watching TV and he pulls out a card from the coffee table ottoman. I instantly started to tear. I honestly thought he ran out while I was at the gym and got me a card. It had a few short sweet words inside that meant the world to me. I was so happy with just the card that him possibly proposing didn’t even cross my mind.

Proposal Ideas In our bedroom

It was getting late and off to bed I went and he hopped in the shower. It was almost midnight and I was starting to doze off and I hear him walk into the living room and walk into the bedroom with a box of chocolates. I was excited for chocolate-after all who doesn’t love chocolate? The box was a heart shaped box with a clear lid and inside were individually wrapped pecan turtles-delish! So here I was in bed with wet hair, eating the chocolate and getting crumbs everywhere. I was eating my first piece and he took the half that was left and ate it! I was upset but didn’t want to eat another whole piece. He was instant that I take another piece so I did. I still did not notice that in the center of the box was my ring. He finally said ‘look!” as she shoved the box in my face and there it was. I was in shock! I kept asking if he was kidding. He took the ring came around my side of the bed and asked me to marry him. I was hysterically crying. Again, wet hair, in my tattered pajamas and chocolate crumbs everywhere. Without hesitation I said yes!

My proposal was exactly what I had hoped for; intimate and quite. I didn’t want a big deal or for it to be done in front of people. It was just us. It was perfect.

We told our sibling but wanted to tell his parents in person but had to wait a couple of days. We went to friend’s bakery and ordered a cake and had them write We’re Engaged in Greek. We went over to his parents’ house a couple nights later and brought the cake. As soon as they saw it and realized what it said they jumped for joy. We were all in tears. My in-laws are the sweetest people you will ever meet. I am very lucky to have met such a wonderful and loving family.

We are set to be married May 19, 2018, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church of Whitestone and our reception will be held at the Inn of New Hyde Park. We honestly, can’t wait for this next chapter of our lives to begin!