Danielle and Joseph

Danielle's Proposal in Northport Harbor, NY

How We Met

Joe and I graduated from high school together in June of 2010. Although we had a few mutual friends, we somehow managed to never speak to one another! Fast forward 6 years later, Joe decided to plan a trip to St. Thomas, USVI with a group of friends and encouraged one of our mutual friends to invite me. Although, I wasn’t too familiar with the group, I am hardly one to turn down a trip! “I’m in,” I told them. I was only supposed to spend about 4 days there and head back to work, but we ended up having such a great time, I couldn’t leave all the fun! So I extended my trip. Throughout the trip, Joe and I became a little closer each day. By the end of the trip we were practically inseparable! When we got home, our phones were always buzzing with phone calls, text messages, and of course, snapchats from one another. He really made me laugh. I had never laughed so hard with anyone before. Not to mention, he found me funny! “Did I all of a sudden get funnier?” I wondered. We brought out the best in one another.

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Anyway, as we got closer a spark between us got stronger and stronger. We realized one day, when we hadn’t talked to each other until the mid-afternoon, that we would have a hard time ever doing that again. But, what terrible timing! I was going camping with my mom out in Montauk that weekend and our schedules were completely opposite for the following weeks. Well, that didn’t stop Joe. The next day, Joe dragged his two best friends out to Montauk to see me. Not only does Joe absolutely hate camping but he sat in traffic for over six hours that day driving back and forth! I was oozing with excitement that I was going to see him and spend time with him after we had just acknowledged there was something happening between us. As we were all fixing the tent that day, he walked around one side and I the other, and when we were right behind the tent our locked eyes and we shared our first kiss. That night he asked me on our first date. For our first date, we met in the city and he took me out to dinner. It was raining that day and come to find out, Joe had made two reservations for dinner. One place was indoors and one outdoors. And good thing, because he had to cancel the reservation at the outdoor restaurant due to the weather! Anyway, he met me at the subway as I got off and luckily, it had just stopped raining. Then, we began walking to the restaurant on the hot, hot, hot summer day! During dinner that night, I looked at him in a way I had never looked at anyone before. That night, I felt my life change forever. I was sitting next to a man who had recently made me so much happier just by being in my life. And, as we became closer, with the passing of each and every day, I fell more deeply in love with him. They say, “love is friendship set on fire.” And, that’s exactly how our story began.

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How He Asked

Saturday afternoon I was telling Joe about how hungry I was. “I was up early, so I ate breakfast early, I’m not going to make it. . blah blah blah.” Key the dramatics! Some of you out there might even say I was borderline “HANGRY.” Joe was driving and I’m wondering where the heck we were going. Joe said he had a place in mind and he knew where to go. I was starving so I didn’t question it! As we drove, I realized where we were! We pulled into the Northport Harbor parking lot, right near the main street. He pulled into a spot further from the main street and closer to the water. “Why are you parking over here?” I asked Joe. He explained that he thought it would be really nice to come back here and take pictures on the dock one day so he wanted to show me before lunch. But, Joe wanted to go outside and scope out the area.

I believe I said something like, “Joe it’s sub-degree temperatures outside!! Freezing cold!” But, I saw a really sweet look in his eyes and I knew it would mean a lot to him. ‘I can brave the cold for him. He seems so excited about it. This is what you do for the people you love!!’ I thought to myself. I finally agreed to QUICKLY check it out with him. So I start my ‘mission to look at the dock in under five minutes flat’ power walk. I’m looking in one direction, leaving his side to cover as much scenery as possible to get back to the warm car. Then, I hear him ask me to come closer to him. As I turn around, he tells me how much he loves me as his girlfriend but he can’t wait for me to be his wife and he just can’t wait anymore. Then, it happened. Joseph Antonucci got down on one knee, opened a box with a ring shining out from within it, and asked, “Danielle Nicole, will you marry me?” I was in complete shock.

I love Joe and I knew I wanted to marry him. But I was in shock! After he allowed the appropriate amount of screams, yells, and gushes of “OH MY GOD.” Joe asked me, “is that a yes?” And I said, “yes! That’s a yes!” I kissed him and we held each other close. And as I looked to my right, my now amazing fiance, had arranged a photographer to capture the entire event! Suddenly, the cold didn’t matter to me! I love the cold! The cold is great! The docks are beautiful! Did you hear?! I’m marrying my best friend!

He surprised me with a nearby apartment to warm up afterwards and call our friends and family. He then took me to dinner where I was surprised to find both of our parents, anxiously waiting to join in our excitement. I was even more surprised to then go back to the apartment covered in congratulations and engagement decorations with our closest friends there to celebrate! With one surprise after another, he surely outdid himself! From time to time I would wonder how it was possible for Joe and I to have never met before.

He grew up only 10 minutes from me. We have mutual friends. We went to the same high school. Then I think about it, there may have been reasons we didn’t meet until we did. I’m not really sure. But what I do know is when we did meet, we were completely drawn to each other and we were able to recognize that this is a once in a lifetime love. I never believed in fate, destiny, or meeting your soulmate until August 11, 2016. There are billions of people in this world and somehow, someway the stars aligned and we were able to find each other. Here’s to our own love story and our happily ever after!

Special Thanks

Eddie Ramirez