Chelsey and Donald's Christmas Proposal at Disney World

How he asked

My proposal story started with finding a clue in my bathroom. My first clue instructed me to pack a bag for a magical getaway. When we got in the car my soon-to-be fiance gave me my second clue that told me we were heading to Disney World. When we got to Disney World my third clue led me to the live Beauty and the Beast play, which is my favorite Disney movie. The fourth clue challenged me to a game of “ring toss” on Toy Story Mania ride, in order to receive my next clue I had to beat out my fiance. Luckily I won, and the fifth clue led me to the lighting of the Osborne Spectacle of Lights.

Proposal 2

Proposal 3

When we were waiting in line to take a picture in front of the Christmas tree, a cast member came up and let me know that we were selected to flip the switch and turn the lights on. While I was distracted by the cast member my fiance and all of our friends lined up to create the best surprise at all. My final clue said “Will you…” and my fiance was down on one knee. I immediately heard screaming and when I looked out to the crowd I saw all of my best friends holding signs that said “Marry Me?”. On top of having our friends there everyone was in a matching shirt that said “She Said Yes”. It was the most magical surprise and a story that I am truly excited to share!

Proposal 4

Proposal 5

Disney Christmas Proposal 2

Disney Christmas Proposal 3

Disney Christmas Proposal

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