Cassidy and Brandon

Cassidy's Proposal in Atlanta, GA

How We Met

I knew Brandon’s younger brother Bradley, and me and Bradley both followed each other on Instagram. It was one of those things where Brandon would ask Bradley “Who’s that girl Cassidy?” and eventually we both followed each other on Instagram and exchanged numbers. We’re both from Georgia, but at the time, I was playing basketball at a junior college in Georgia and Brandon played football for Wake Forest in North Carolina. We FaceTime’d, Skype’d, and talked on the phone all the time from August 2013 until December 27, 2013 when we finally met in person. After we met, everything felt more than right, so we continued to talk and see each other as much as possible. When Christmas break was over (January 2014), Brandon went back to North Carolina and I stayed in Georgia to continue my basketball season. We continued talking and although we didn’t see each other again until March 7, 2014, I knew he was the one. The night he came home for spring break, he picked me up and we went to Chow Baby for dinner and then the SkyView Ferris Wheel. On the fourth rotation of the the Ferris wheel, Brandon whispered in my ear “Will you be my girlfriend?” and from there we dated long distance for 3 years and they were the best 3 years of my life.

How He Asked

We started our beautiful /crazy / adventure-filled long distance journey 3 years ago and little did I know that after going to dinner to celebrate our 3 year anniversary, we would start forever at the place where it all started. On the fourth rotation of the Atlanta SkyView Ferris Wheel March 7, 2014, he whispered in my ear “Will you be my gf?” and I have been the happiest girl ever since. March 10, 2017 he took me back to the SkyView and to my complete surprise he popped the question. When I say I’ve never been more surprised or caught off guard in my life…boy he’s good. From Marietta, to Georgia Highlands, to Wake Forest, to Los Angeles, and Detroit… every plane ride, airport goodbye, road trip, time difference, ‘I’ll See You Soon’, and the ever changing miles between us has been worth it every single time. Brandon makes my days brighter, my laugh insanely louder, my smile bigger, and heart fuller each day. His proposal was truly the surprise of a lifetime.

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