How We Met: I am 22 years old and Brynn is 21. We are from Coeur d’ Alene Idaho. My (now fiancé) name is Brynn Hathaway, and we have known each other for over 10 years. We had been dating for 2 years and doing long-distance dating the entire time while I completed a B.A. Degree at Colorado Christian University in Denver and she worked on a nutrition degree at University of Idaho in Moscow. ‬

‪We both grew up on Hayden Lake and therefore have a great love for watersports and boating. One of our favorite watersports is wake surfing, which is what lead to my decision of proposing while going tandem on a wake surf board. ‬‬‬


How He Asked: Brynn and I were spending the weekend with her family at their cabin on Hayden Lake. The day before I had called Brynn’s two best friends, Kristin Oneil and Kara Siers, from school to come up and surprise her so that they could be there for the event (one of the most important things for me was that our close friends and family were there for the proposal). We did this with my friends Gared and Corey Schneider and I also had a close friend Aaron Vetch there, I told Brynn that our parents wanted to watch us being filmed surfing so they were on a boat off to the side (where the Youtube video was filmed from).

Because it was for a supposed promotional video I wanted to play it off like that, so I had most of the others go first so it looked like a real deal. Then it was time. I jumped into the water and said “Brynn lets Tandem!” She agreed and the rest is history!

I was not nervous all day until we were in the water trying to get up! Once we were up though it was like nothing mattered anymore because I was about to take one of the biggest steps of my life I would ever take. It didn’t matter if we did it, fell, or if I turned and she pushed me off! Because I was going to ask this girl to spend the rest of her life with me, and that is all that mattered.

I could not have been happier with how it all went and the joy that we shared in that moment with one another and our family and friends was priceless.

Videography: ByDesignFilms

Water Sports by: Hayden Wake