Ashley and Tony


How We Met

Tony and I met in optometry in Houston. It was my first year and he was a year above me. We had all just finished our first round of exams and all of my classmates and other colleagues  were heading to a fundraising event at a local bar. Tony and I had met there and instantly bonded over the amount of mutual friends we had. Though I had no interest in him romantically, we began to hang out and study together. He would help me prep for exams, and I often sat in for him as a practice patient (how cute! Haha). We became really close friends over the next several months when I finally realized he’d been trying to win my heart since day one. When the new year came around… The rest was history.

How He Asked

Over the past 3 years Tony and I had been so consumed with optometry school we never really took any vacations together. We were either busy with exams or just in different cities with our families. After my last fall semester and 3 national boards behind me, we decided to plan a weekend trip to San Francisco to celebrate! We roamed the streets and sites of SF all day Friday. Come Saturday morning he was acting very rushed, and it seemed like his mind was racing (which is completely opposite of how Tony really is!). We had been planning all weekend to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, so naturally I was so excited to finally arrive at Baker Beach. I immediately changed my shoes because my heels were sinking in the sand (and boy I should’ve stuck it out haha). We walked pretty far along the beach when he asked me to put my purse down. He reaches into his pocket and went down on one knee. Of course I begin to just bawl as he begins his touching speech about our life together and just as I think he is about to pop the question, a wave comes and the tide rises!!! We’re drenched!

We laughed uncontrollably and all I could say was “YES YES YES X INFINITY YES”

The second BEST surprise was when I turned around and realized our parents were watching the ENTIRE THING!!! BEST DAY EVER!




Special Thanks

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