Ansara and Kevin

Ansara and Kevin's Engagement in Eiffel Tower, Paris

How He Asked

We were on my dream vacation in Paris, France. The entire vacation my now fiancé, was very busy on his phone “working” as he told me and all I did was yell at him, but little did I know he was planning my surprise engagement at my dream place, the Eiffel Tower! Before our arrival to the Eiffel Tower my fiancé was so quiet and wouldn’t talk to me and because I was so excited to be in Paris I kept nagging him for some enthusiasm. Little did I know he was preparing to pop the question! We arrived far away from the spot I picked out and he told me that we were going to walk around first. And being in heels I was even more upset! We found what I thought was a local who was willing to help us get to the Tower, but was in reality the surprise photographer!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Eiffel Tower, Paris

He walked us all the way to the Tower and then asked for our picture! I was so confused as to why this guy wanted out pictures but I was so excited to be there I did it anyway. He then handed my fiancé a handkerchief after a few shots and I was SO CONFUSED asking my fiancé “why do you need that?” “This Guy is so weird!” And before I knew it as I’m posing for another picture my fiancé got down on one knee and popped the question!!!!! It was the greatest moment of my life! Never would I have thought that the love of my life would have ever surprised me on my dream vacation with my dream proposal!!! It was hands down the best day of my life and I’ll never forget every single moment and feeling I’ve had that day up until today!

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