Angela and Ryan

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How We Met

It all started at a ministry training program called Disciple Internship in 2012. Angela and I were acquaintances until mutual friends invited us to hang out on a rather frequent basis. Throughout the course of 2 years I paid many visits to ‘Sunnyslope’, the home of Angela and her roommates, bringing Angela and my friendship much closer. We had many obvious similarities and much in common, but a romantic future for these two seemed unlikely. I was the self proclaimed ‘ladies man’ of the group and was known to be a flirt. However Angela, nicknamed ‘the vault,’ seemed impervious to my charm.

The story continues…Something very special started taking place once we began working together at church. After seeing each others passion for Jesus and heart for people, sparks began to fly. Finally, after thousands of texts, hundreds of compliments, and countless smiles, I gathered up the strength for one question: “Can we get coffee tomorrow?” This started the first of many dates leading up to the greatest date of all…

How I Asked

I loved taking Angela out on dates leading to countless surprises, adventures, and the emptying of my pockets. But the best surprise (and pocket emptying adventure) began on April 19, 2016. Angela and I were on our way to Chicago for a trip to get a tattoo I’d been wanting for a year! We fly into Chicago and I tell Ang “actually change of plans, we’re ‘stopping by’ New York!”. She was so excited because she’d always wanted to go to New York! Her great grandmother known as, ‘The Great’, moved there from Italy and raised her family for 3 generations until Angela’s mother moved away as an adult. Angela had never been but the stories always left her dreaming of her chance to go. Upon arrival, Angela couldn’t help but notice her stomach rumbling (and I couldn’t help but notice Angela was hangry), so we set out in pursuit of food. On their way to the restaurant I “made reservations for”, we took a route next to the big Hudson River! “It’s so beautiful” Angela said. All of a sudden, I grab a bouquet of roses sitting on a random bench, photographers pop up out of no where, I drops down on one knee, pulls out a wedding ring that belonged to THE GREAT and asks “Angela, will you merry me?!”

And the best part is… “SHE SAID YES”

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