Allan and Megan

How We Met; It’s an ironically funny story, actually:

Allan and I met through my cousin, Jamie, as she and Allan attended public school together. The three of us were often found attending the same parties during high school and we met for the actual first time when I was 16 and Allan 15. We saw each other randomly throughout the rest of high school, including a cute New Years spent together, but not much after that.

The next time we spoke was in May 2008 at the Cloverdale Rodeo. We ran into each other randomly yet again, and chatted only briefly while I was helping my cousin Jamie pick out a cowboy hat. Jamie and I decided to go dance the night away inside the saloon, while Allan perused the fairgrounds.

Less than a week later, Allan and I realized just how ironic that meeting was. We discovered that not only had we been connected through Jamie’s social circle for the past 10 years, but that we also had two other friend groups in common, both of which we frequently socialized with and yet, didn’t run into each other for nearly 5 years.

The all-night texts about our shared interests eventually led to us dating … a month later, we owned a puppy together … 6 months later, we celebrated New Years in Las Vegas … and 13 months later, we owned a home and were engaged.

To say fate brought us together at the perfect moment in both of their lives is an understatement … the timing was impeccable! And we totally support the same baseball team!

The Proposal

Allan and I embarked on yet another vacation together (this time to New York City).  I had no clue, but Allan was secretly planning the proposal – involving a few friends that were going with us too. He had one of my friends stash the ring in her luggage, and thank goodness, her luggage didn’t get lost like the last time we all traveled together!

On the morning of Sunday, August 30, 2009, the five of us travelers decided to venture down to Central Park, explore the surrounding vendors and go on a horse-and-carriage ride. When we arrived, the carriage driver “would not allow all five people to go on one ride,” so we had to separate.

Allan and I trotted off in our own lovely carriage through the park. I felt some tension from Allan that morning, and even during the ride. The night before, I was even thinking to myself “I hope he’s not going to break up with me – we just bought a house together!” I questioned Allan’s awkwardness numerous times and was about to find out just why he was acting in that way…At that moment, the driver rounded a corner on the path, halted the horses, and turned around to take a picture of the happy, yet awkward couple (turns out my friend snuck the driver the camera during the “we can’t take all 5 of you in one carriage” trick they mastered). Just as the driver said “say cheese,” Allan reached into his pocket and grabbed a ring box. I was so distracted by the “Will you marry me?” and completely looked away from the camera, just in perfect timing for the driver to catch me exact reaction to the proposal – complete shock!

After choosing a particular profanity to add in to “are you kidding me?”,  I, of course, said YES! We spent the rest of our afternoon spreading the great news on the phone with family and friends back home in Canada, and enjoying celebratory drinks throughout the Big Apple. It was, by far, the most perfect day of my life … so far!

Photos by Ella Haus Photography