Alexandra and Chase

How We Met

Chase, who is a Florida native, moved to Arizona in the beginning of 2011. At the time Chase was working for an NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) trainer at American West Quarter Horses in Scottsdale, Arizona. Alex was working and competitively showing horses with another trainer on the ranch. For months the only words spoken were the early 4am “Good Morning’s” while working horses. Finally in March I had enough; if he wasn’t going to make the first move I was! Late one night after working horses I walked up to the main barn with a sweatshirt in hand from the arena. (I had to use some stupid excuse to walk up to the main barn and talk to him) P.S. it wasn’t even his sweatshirt… But it worked because we talked while I offered to help blanket and feed horses for the night. When we finished work at the ranch for the night we sat on the 4 wheelers laughing, flirting, and talking late into the night. We lost track of all time and before I knew it, it was 3AM in the morning! Chase lived on the ranch and drove me to the other barn to drop me off at my car. Before getting out of the truck, without a word he handed me a pen and held out his hand. I wrote my number on his hand and we spent every day for the next two weeks together. When we weren’t together we were texting or talking on the phone for hours at a time. We were inseparable and couldn’t get enough of each other! All we wanted was to be together and learn more about each other. Finally on April 8, 2011 (2 weeks after the night we met) we spent the day at the Rio Verde River swimming and laying in the truck bed. There he asked me to be his girlfriend on our first real official date off the ranch! Since then more amazing memories were made, including the proposal at that very same spot! Fast Forward 6 years… (photos from our engagement shoot)

Alexandra's Proposal in Rio Verde, Arizona

How He Asked

In May 2017 Chase and I were on vacation in Arizona. The last day of our vacation Chase took me on a drive to Rio Verde to see all the ranches were we spent so much of our time together. We were driving through the beautiful desert and mountain scenery. We got far into Rio Verde and Chase kept driving down the road, the next thing I know we were at the river. We park outside the river and walk together up the cliffs to overlook the entire river, mountains, cactus, and wild horses. As I am looking out taking a photo of what we knew as home, Chase is behind me. He was quiet and all of a sudden I look down to see his shadow kneeling down. At that moment he grabbed my hand, said “Baby” with a nervous quiver to his voice. I turned around to see him down on one knee with a box in his hand, and I immediately burst into tears. It was in that moment he asked me if I would marry him! Of course I said “YES!!!” That quaint river already meant so much to us and our relationship. We spent many summer days and nights together there; At the same river he asked me to be his girlfriend he asked me to be his wife! It was the most meaningful, beautiful, and special proposal. It was perfect to me.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Rio Verde, Arizona

Special Thanks

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