Adam and Laura

Proposal Ideas Piermont, NY

How We Met

We met on a beautiful spring evening, May 7, 2014, in a sticky-floored NYC West Village watering. What brought us both there was a happy hour event that Laura’s company was hosting for Adam’s company. As Adam, a new employee walked through the doors, Laura couldn’t help but wonder who the TDH (tall dark handsome) client was whom she had never met. Laura was tasked to mix and mingle, but from the moment we laid eyes on one another we were inseparable… so we devised a master plan to organize a flip-cup tournament and strategically placed ourselves side by side. There is even photographic evidence! What followed for the instant couple was a blissful blur of loaded tater tots, one too many whipped cream flavored cocktails, a neighboring karaoke bar, and a particularly special slow dance that resulted in a first kiss witnessed by many. Much to his dismay, Adam realized when he awoke the next morning that he never actually asked for Laura’s number, so once he got to the office he took to Outlook. The rest is history!

How He Asked

On September 29th Laura thought they were attending a 60th birthday party for Adam’s dad at a restaurant in Piermont, NY. We took a car service to the pier on which the restaurant was located. As we got out of the car Adam said he’d like to quickly show Laura the views on the Hudson River, so they walked over to a gazebo near the edge.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Piermont, NY

Adam and Laura's Engagement in Piermont, NY

This didn’t seem suspicious to Laura at the moment as Adam had mentioned this pier being special to his family as they had hosted both he and his brother’s Bar Mitzvah’s at a venue close by. As we walked closer to the gazebo Laura noticed rose petals were sprinkled throughout the entire interior and black and white photos of us over the past 4 years hung with twine and string lights. Laura stopped in her footsteps realizing what was about to happen and Adam took her hand and guided her inside the gazebo where he spoke to her about his love for her and then got down on one knee!

Once Laura started jumping up and down yelling “Yes!” both families came running out towards us from behind bushes and parked cars. Bottles of champagne were popped and a hidden photographer revealed himself!

The surprises didn’t stop there though! Afterwards, both families headed to our favorite wine bar in Hoboken, NJ for a celebratory dinner, followed by a walk to a nearby bar where our friends were anxiously waiting with a surprise (to Laura) engagement party!

We owe it to both our families for decorating the gazebo and being there for the big moment, our moms for helping Adam plan out every single detail of his dream proposal (as well as the celebratory dinner), and some of our best friends for helping throw us a beautifully decorated and super fun engagement party!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Adam’s dad’s birthday was actually celebrated the weekend prior! Adam & Laura were away at the time so would not have been able to attend. All of the guests were told to not post anything on social media as to keep the plan the following weekend believable for Laura!

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