State Fair Marriage Proposal | Cassia and Jonathan

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How We Met: Jonathan and I have been dating since our Senior year in High School. We’ve known of each other since the 2nd grade, but our friendship really began in High School. After spending some years together as friends, and then a challenging year of chasing…we starting dating in September of 2010. After High School, we of course continued to date… and long story short we fell madly in love.

How He Asked: Our proposal is quite a story, Jonathan worked VERY hard to surprise me and make everything perfect! Our very first “real” date was at the annual NC State Fair in 2010. So it had very significant meaning, and we really had an amazing time that day. On October 19th, 2012, the whole McKay family had made plans to take family photos at the fair– and they invited me to come along! I was so excited to be a part of everything and to be going to the fair! I think I was so excited (and a proposal was the farthest thing from my mind), that I was oblivious to all the signs of what was to come.



After taking almost 2 hours worth of family photos — due to my parents rushing in from out of town, Jonathan had chosen his spot! My parents called to tell me that they were going to join us and had come back early from their conference in Pinehurst. (This is when I should have been tipped off — seriously, my mother at the fair?!) But clueless and all the more excited, we all made our way down to the ferris wheel! Jonathan and I decided to get a couple shot in front of the ferris wheel, and that is when it all happened.

“Cassia, can I ask you something?”

(Still oblivious) “Sure!”

(Gets down on one knee– which I’m sure at this moment said something along the lines of “Will You Marry Me”)

I was so surprised, and literally taken back that I just kept stepping backwards and saying “Is this really happening? Is this really happening right NOW?!” I was so excited and overwhelmed I forgot to say YES! I immediately started crying, and smooched my Jonathan.

Eventually I did say yes!

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I’m such a Tiffany’s fan that we did our engagement shoot there and our wedding color was Tiffany Blue!



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Photos by Libby McGowan Photography

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