San Francisco Bay Marriage Proposal

Proposal 2

How We Met: I distinctly remember the first night we met. I was on my way to my Wednesday night class when I got an emergency voicemail from my friend (and Maid of Honor) Elyse. She told me that she had an emergency and needed me to call her back ASAP. Instantly thinking the worst, I called her back in a panic, not realizing that it wasn’t really that big of a deal. She needed me to play for their intramural sports team or else they’d have to forfeit the semi-championship. Since I worked for the Cal State Fullerton Rec Sports department, they said that they would make an exception if they could track me down. I skipped class and headed to the fields. When I arrived she began introducing me to all of her team members, including this super cute guy named Kohl. After intros, I turned to her and said, “Oh my gosh, who is that? He’s so cute!!” she replied by saying, “He’s one of our good friends, I knew you’d think he’s cute.” From that point, I made it my mission to make sure I spoke to him again.

Since I wasn’t the best girl on the team, they assigned me to right outfield. I’m pretty athletic, so I figured that I’d be OK on the field. Kohl was playing center field and asked me if I wanted to warm up before it started. He threw the ball to me and I completely missed it and saw it drop right in front of me. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to do. I picked up the ball, threw it back to him and ran back in the dugout to tell Elyse what I’d just done. I was completely mortified! I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t athletic. As the weeks progressed, we saw each other at the Rec Center and found out that we had tons of mutual friends and even classes in the same classrooms. After stalking his Myspace page for weeks, he finally asked for my number after one of his intramural basketball games. The rest was history.

Proposal 9

How He Proposed: We had talked about marriage before, and after five years of dating I knew it was bound to happen, just didn’t know when. I had told him that I wanted the moment to be intimate and have someone capture the entire thing. Since our anniversary and Kohl’s birthday were so close together, we figured that we’d celebrate it and spend the weekend at my house in Northern California and do the touristy thing in San Francisco. My mom called me the Thursday before we left to tell me that we were spending the night at the Omni hotel in SF – which I instantly questioned because we live so close to the city. We’ve also lived there most of my life, so staying the night in the city was not normal. She explained that it was more convenient and convinced me that it was the best option.

On Saturday morning, I got a feeling that Kohl might propose so I asked my brother what he thought. He reassured me that it wasn’t happening and not to get my hopes up. He even told me to check Kohl’s backpack for the ring! They all had me fooled. We got an early start and left my house to visit the Marine Mammal Center and Point Bonita Lighthouse in Sausalito. Our visit at the Mammal Center ended a little early so we headed to the lighthouse for our private tour. It was an extremely cold day in the city, but being so used to SoCal weather had made us unprepared for the cold. Freezing, I rushed Kohl and asked to see if we could do it early. He agreed and we started walking to the lighthouse. He stalled a couple times to take pictures and even asked to sit on a bench and wait. Luckily by the time we got to the lighthouse entrance, the park ranger was waiting for us at the gate. After the tour, she left us to explore the lighthouse, but I continued to rush Kohl to hurry because I couldn’t bear the cold any longer. Before we left he asked to take a picture of me at the end of the bridge – it was his way of placing me in the right position. He took the picture then said, “I have to ask you a question…” but in the corner of my eye I saw a man army crawling on the ground and became so confused. He repeated it again, “I have to ask you a question!” I made eye contact wit him, he got on one knee and said, “Jen, I want to ask if you’d spend forever with me?” At that moment, I was so shocked and excited that I began to cry. After saying YES and putting the ring on my finger, I realized that the man crawling on the ground was actually the photographer he hired to capture the entire proposal.

LighthouseProposal 1Proposal 5JK-Proposal-37 JK-Proposal-321 JK-Proposal-301 JK-Proposal-281 JK-Proposal-181Proposal 7JK-Proposal-69Proposal 8Proposal 3 photo (3) It was such a well-planned and thoughtful proposal. It was also a complete surprise! He did such a great job with all the details and even custom designed my ring – it was just perfect! We ended the night by meeting my parents for dinner at the Farallon and celebrated the following day by spending it at the California Science Center.

Photos by JC Page Photographers // Ring by ring Will & Mike Klass from Santa Monica Jewelry

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