Savanna and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met 3 years ago through my college roommate at the time, Sarah. Sean went to Louisiana State University and I went to the University of Southern Mississippi, so it was hard for us to see each other a lot in the beginning. During Christmas break he finally asked me out on our first date. He picked me up, like a true gentleman, and took me to one of the best breakfast places in New Orleans called the Ruby Slipper. The rest is history!

How He Asked

We went on a family vacation to the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort in Fairhope, Alabama with both of our parents the weekend before Christmas. On Saturday we had dinner plans at a nice restaurant in town. We decided to meet at the hotel bar before dinner to grab a drink. When Sean and I walked down to the hotel bar my mom was sitting at a table alone, which I thought was strange. Sean and I joined her and ordered a drink. A few minutes later Sean got up to go to the restroom and my mom got up to take a phone call. I was sitting alone at the table thinking “Well…where is everyone else…..?” As I was waiting, the waitress walked over and gave me a note from Sean that said, “Savanna, Lets fly together forever.

Follow the rose petals to the sunset.” My heart was racing as I walked down what seemed like the longest rose covered pathway ever.

I could see Sean standing at the top of a gazebo with the sun starting to set behind him, and our parents lined up holding balloons.

They each gave me a balloon and a big hug. My mom and dad were waiting for me at the bottom of the gazebo.

They both walked me up to Sean and he gave me my last balloon.

Before I knew it Sean was down on one knee asking me to marry him! I couldn’t say yes fast enough!

We tied the balloons together and let them go over the Mobile Bay. Sean wanted the balloons to signify our families coming together in this next chapter of our lives! After, we celebrated with champagne and a delicious dinner!

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