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Paparazzi Proposals Discount Code + A Graffiti Proposal

Hi guys! A friend of mine runs what I think is an amazing company – obviously. It’s called Paparazzi Proposals (yes, the owner and creative director used to be a legit paparazzi photographer) and they have photographers all over the country to help shoot proposals  — totally undercover and they’re all truly pros at what they do.

And what’s best? They’re offering HowHeAsked readers an exclusive discount. If you’re proposing, contact Stacy@HowHeAsked.com and I’ll share the promo code with you!

So, here’s photos & a video of one of the super cool proposals they shot. Caitlin had no clue she was being photographed when Bradley surprised her with a creative marriage proposal!


The back story: Bradley contacted Paparazzi Proposals from London wanting some help with his amazing proposal to Caitlin. Bradley who collects modern art had given Caitlin a book by graffiti artist Stephen Powers which was a love letter written on the side of buildings across Philly which followed a subway route. She loved the book and the poem, and the final piece of the poem was a piece that said “Forever begins when you say YES”. This was the back drop that Bradley wanted to have for his proposal.

So our team of snappers set off for Philly to research the piece and look at how it might be possible. After looking at the area and the building that the piece was on, it was just too hard for us to get Bradley and Caitlin up there to propose. We contacted the artist who had done the original and he declined to do another piece in New York City for the couple so we had to come up with some other solutions! Afer speak with Bradley he said that it was the words that were important and so we contacted local graffiti artists Tats Cru who said they could do a piece on a 16×8 ft canvas. Bradley then set about drawing up the artwork and we were there to capture the artist transforming this drawing into the final piece.







Bradley also wanted to choose the ring together with Caitlin so had leant how to make a ring out of a $1 bill!



Our team of snappers then set about making a frame and hanging the piece of artwork in Central Park. After a romantic lunch at the Boat House bradley walked Caitlin to the spot and proposed!

Love it? For your special discount on Paparazzi Proposals, contact me – Stacy@HowHeAsked.com – and I’ll set you up with a promotion code!

  • Stuti Uzgare

    Very cute & personally significant :)