20+ Marriage Proposals Ideas

Marriage Proposals Ideas Finding creative ways to propose is tough and a truly great marriage proposal can be very hard to think of. You want to be original. You don’t want to over do it. You want her to say yes (and cry a lot). You also want to make sure your proposal is very unique to your relationship. All that being said, we put together a lengthy list of creative proposal ideas – from artsy to outdoorsy ideas, and elaborate to simple ones too.

Thoughtful Ways To Propose

1. Scavenger Hunt: Think of a few places that are meaningful to your relationship and send your girlfriend (and 2-3 friends or family members) to visit these places. Throw in a salon appointment (hair and nails), and perhaps even a stop at a boutique to pick out a new dress. Along the way, have notes or cards (or even a voice recording of yourself) describing what each place or stop signifies. At the end of the scavenger hunt, propose with a romantic view in the background and have all the friends and family involved in planning the day there to celebrate after.

In an amazing scavenger hunt proposal, John sent Megan all over town with friends + family.

Scavenger Hunt Marriage Proposalphoto by Susan Lines

They stopped by places that were significant to the couple’s relationship, as well as places that Megan could get pampered and dolled up before the proposal. After the day was over, the getting down on one knee part was ultimately done in private (a great strategy), but it was still captured from a distance on camera! Make sure you hire a photographer when you propose – it’s one of the more important parts of planning your proposal.

2. Make a photo album or story book to propose:  Take photos and keepsakes from your relationship and make a photo album or story book out of it. Make sure to include feelings you had with each memories and a note on the last page that says “Will you Marry Me”. An extra idea would be to add an additional page to the story book with photos and feelings from the proposal (after she says yes, of course!).

Story Book Proposal

3. Create a Milestone Movie: With video creation being easier than ever (heck, you could simply use your smart phone to shoot it!), we’ve seen some really cute videos being compiled and shown right before the proposal. There are movie trailer proposalsDisney montages, and tons of others. One of our favorite proposal ideas is recording a video of you at all the places that are meaningful to your relationship. Record you at the park you laid in for 5 hours on a Tuesday evening, the restaurant you went to with her parents for the first time, the pet store you got your bulldog from – tell her why these moments were so special to you and your relationship.

You can show this movie at home (before the TV show you both are hooked on), in front of friends at family at a surprise dinner or event, or see if you can line up the video at your local movie theater. This way to propose ensures you have the memory for years and years to come.

Outdoor Ways to Propose

4. On a ski lift: Write different phrases in the snow that are visible to you and your girlfriend as you’re going up the ski lift. At the very top, have the phrase “Will You Marry Me”. You can use food coloring to dye the snow to make it easier to read. (Oh, and make sure the safety bar is down when you propose!)


Creative Proposals

5. Book Lover: If you’ve got a book lover on your hands, ask her favorite author to sign her favorite book with “Will You Marry, ____ (your name)” on the inside. Take her to dinner or a picnic and give her the book as a gift. You can even carve out the book and put the ring in the middle. Not only is this a creative way to propose, but it’s extra great because you’ll have the signed book as a physical memory of the proposal forever.

6. With friends and family: It’s becoming more and more popular to propose with friends and family involved. Whether they are there before or after, it’s often important to share the moment with your loved ones as well. Here’s a proposal that had friends and family holding signs and messages infront of the bride-to-be as she journeyed into the backyard, where her boyfriend was standing waiting to propose. And another where friends and family held a sign that said “Dance Forever?

Marriage Proposal Ideas 2

7. Flash Mob Marriage Proposals: It’s no secret trend, the Flash Mob Proposal has been popping up (literally) all over the last few years. We receive tons of Flash Mob Proposal submissions and are still not sick of watching them. They’re so full of energy and emotion – and even more so when friends and family join in the mob as well. Check with our friends at BookAFlashMob.com. They have  produced some especially incredible ones!

Flash Mob Proposal in Vegas

8. Propose while playing a trivia game: Plan a game night alone or with friends. When it’s your girlfriend’s turn to answer a question, head over to where she’s sitting and say “Your question is: Will you marry me?”. Definitely make an actual trivia card so that you have the proposal memory to hold on to!

9. Propose at the beach: If you’re a big fan of the ocean, the beach could be the perfect place to propose. Tell your lover that you heard of a beach contest for the best sand drawing (to enter, you’re supposed to take a picture of it and email it in). You could even ask the lifeguard to come up to you and “tell you about the competition”. Suggest that both you and your girlfriend should create your own drawings. Of course, you’ll use this as your time to write out the marriage proposal. When you’re both finished, share your creations! She’ll be stunned!

We’ll be continuing to write posts like this one, but in the meantime, here are a few more unique ways to propose from our oh-so-tear-jerking collection.

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