She Planned Her Own Amazing Proposal + Didn't Know It


“How we met” told by the Groom, Tyson

I never go to the mall, but I did go one day to buy a hat because at the time I had long curly hair that needed to be covered up. I walked in one of the stores and the girl working there greeted me with “hi, how are you?” I said “great thanks” without really acknowledging who was greeting me. After a minute of checking out the hats she came back and said “so you are looking to get a hat today huh?” I turned to say yes and was like (in my head) “whoa, this girl is gorgeous.” So right then and there I said “yeah I need a hat to cover up my hair, which one is your favorite?” From there I could tell there was a spark and so I asked a few more questions than necessary I think. Once I found the hats I wanted it was time to check out. She was at the cash register, and while she was checking me out I couldn’t get the guts to ask her for her number because there was like 3 other people behind me waiting to check out. So I bought the hats, said goodbye, and walked out. But I knew the second I walked away I was going back. I walked all the way out to my car put on the new hat I just bought and walked back into the mall. When I got to the store I noticed her working behind the counter. I surprised her and asked “do you like the hat?” She loved it and right there I asked her for her number. But as she got the piece of paper I was like “wait, wait, wait, whats your name?” She smiled and said Hayley, we shook hands then she gave me her number. Now here we are, a happily engaged couple.



“How he asked” told by the Bride, Hayley

Tyson asked me by making me think I was planning him a surprise birthday party. He had his mom give me the idea and I loved it right away. So I found a place we could have the party and then invited all of our friends to attend. I took him out to dinner first then when we finished I blind folded him and told him I had a surprise for him. We drove to the place and when we got there I removed the blind fold and he was so surprised! Right away his mom said “we should play pin the tail on the donkey.” She came right up to me and said I was going first. While I was blind folded it seemed a little weird because everyone was kind of quiet and I kept seeing lights turn on and off. Then I started to get frusterated because I felt like I was blind folded for 10 minutes! Finally I was told to stop and that’s when I heard a guitar. I took my blind fold off and there he was, playing a song for me. The song was Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore. It was amazing even though I could tell he was nervous. As he finished the song he put the guitar aside and pulled out the ring, then asked me to marry him. I said yes of course.

proposal kiss

happy couple after proposal

the ring after the proposal

Tyson makes videos. You can see them here.

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