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Recent Proposals

Sarah and Jonathan’s Epic Surprise Proposal

How We Met: We’ve technically known each other for like 20 years, because Jonathan went to school with my brothers, but we started actually hanging out with each other when my friends’ older brother was friends with Jonathan so he was around at her house quite a bit. A ...

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Janae and Brandon’s Bible Proposal

How We Met: Brandon and I met in September 2012. One of Brandon’s best friends Justin was dating my cousin Shelby. Shelby and Justin are now married with two beautiful children! Shelby asked me to come over to her house one weekend to meet Justin and a few ...

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Cassidy and Spencer

How We Met: When we were 15 we were introduced through mutual friends. He told me from that moment on he knew he would spend the rest of his life with me. How He Asked: We were on vacation on Anna Maria Island in Florida and we ...

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Michaela and Benjamin

How we met: We met during our freshman year at Colorado State University through our campus ministry, Chi Alpha. At the beginning of our sophomore year, we really got to know each other because our friend groups were always hanging out. Even when there was a large ...

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