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Recent Proposals

Jessica and Kyle

How We Met: Kyle and I met through his sister when I worked with her at Lululemon.  He came into the store one day and I couldn’t take my eyes off him, so his sister introduced us.  We instantly clicked and chatted for a while, until my ...

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Danielle and Cristian

How We Met: Cristian and I first met when he was my peer leader during my freshman year of high school. What started out as a crush that I thought would never amount to anything turned into a high school romance when he asked me out on ...

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Clarianne and Brian | Fairmont Banff Springs Proposal

How We Met: Brian and I met in high school in Ontario. We had law class together in grade 11 and it was a coincidence that our seats were arranged in alphabetical order. Brian sat behind me the entire semester, and I looked forward to seeing him ...

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Chelsea and Christopher | Las Vegas Proposal

How We Met: I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Christopher was in town partying with friends from Omaha, Nebraska. I was working at the Hardrock promoting a fight and walked up to him and his friends to get them to come. He asked for my number ...

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