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Recent Proposals

Shane Co. Couple: Lauren & Jerry’s Picture-Perfect Proposal

How We Met: Jerry and I went to high school together, and although we knew the same people, we never became friends. In fact, I didn’t even like him! I went to Cal Poly after high school and moved back home after graduating. One night I just ...

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Lauren and Steve

How We Met: Steve and I first met our senior year in High School (2007). We have had the same mutual friend our whole lives and my best friend has been friends with him since the 6th grade. Somehow we never crossed paths until September 2007, but ...

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Sara and Simon

How He Asked: After 6 years of love, long distance, and a lot of patience, I got engaged to my best friend on July 16, 2015. It was my birthday week, a week that had started off with me getting a 24 hour stomach flu bug. Luckily, ...

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Alysha and Steven

How We Met: We met because our two best friends, Carly and Jackson, starting dating each other. Carly was my roommate in college and Jackson lived right next door to us. Steven, however, was attending college a few hours away. Seeing as how Jackson is Steven’s best ...

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