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Recent Proposals

She Had No Idea She Was Being Proposed to For Weeks

How we met: Nick and I met, prophetically, in a building called “Chemistry” at Pratt Institute in 2009. We met in a jewelry class, albeit in a section for which Nick was not actually enrolled, and one that I was planning to drop. Despite those factors, and ...

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Jessica and Chip’s Romantic La Jolla Proposal at Sunset

How We Met: We first crossed paths while attending the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Although we knew of each other through mutual friends, we really didn’t spend one on one time together until a few years after we graduated. I moved back to Wilmington, North Carolina, ...

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Hailey and Benjamin’s Adorable Marriage Proposal

How We Met: Ben and I had high school freshmen P.E together, and we quickly became friends. Later on in the year, I broke my foot and he always carried my stuff to the elevator and walked me to my next class. Fast forward to our junior ...

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Taylor and Kurt | A Beautiful Garden Proposal

How We Met: Kurt and I met when I was a sophomore in high school and he was a junior. Kurt played football and I was a cheerleader. After telling a friend nonchalantly at a game that Kurt was “super cute,” she proceeded to tell him right ...

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